Friday, 29 March 2013

PDC McCoys Premier League-Week 8

March 28 - SECC, Glasgow Adrian Lewis 7-4 Andy Hamilton
Simon Whitlock 1-7 Robert Thornton
Phil Taylor 7-3 Raymond van Barneveld
Gary Anderson 5-7 Wes Newton
Michael van Gerwen 4-7 James Wade

Adrian Lewis v Andy Hamilton 0-0 - Adrian Lewis will throw first
0-1 - Hamilton lands a 180 with his second throw but the leg ends in despair for both players as they miss a total of 17 darts at doubles - ten from Hamilton and seven from Lewis - before Hamilton posts double one to break throw in the opener.
0-2 - Hamilton doubles his lead by hitting double eight.
1-2 - Hamilton misses double 18 to finish 150, and Lewis steps in to finish 56 on tops to get off the mark.
2-2 - Lewis fires in a 180 and posts tops again to level the game with a break of throw.
3-2 - Another 180 for Lewis leaves him 38 and he hits double 19 at the first time of asking to move ahead.
4-2 - Hamilton misses the bull and two further darts to win the leg, and Lewis hits tops to move two legs clear with another break.
4-3 - Hamilton misses the bullseye again, but Lewis is off-target with two darts at tops to allow him back to land double eight.
5-3 - Lewis regains his two-leg cushion in a bizarre twist, with Hamilton initially needing 164 but bursting his score to allow the two-time World Champion back, hitting double eight after missing the bull for a 170 checkout.
5-4 - Hamilton regains his composure with a superb 100 checkout to hit back.
6-4 - Hamilton hits a 180 to leave 50, but Lewis hits the bull to complete a 124 finish to ensure a point from the game.
7-4 - Lewis misses double nine for a 138 finish, but Hamilton is unable to take out 88 and the world number two returns to seal a key win.

Simon Whitlock v Robert Thornton 0-0 - Simon Whitlock will throw first
0-1 - Thornton delights the Scottish crowd with a 180 and double 19 to break throw in the opening leg.
0-2 - Thornton adds a second maximum as he doubles his lead.
0-3 - The Scot's stunning start continues with a third 180 of the game before he powers in a 157 checkout, maintaining a 128 average!
0-4 - Double top sees Thornton move four legs clear.
1-4 - Whitlock finishes 114 on tops to get off the mark.
1-5 - Thornton takes out 76 on tops to move further clear.
1-6 - Thornton finishes 121 on double 14 to ensure at least a draw - and the possibility of a record Premier League average!
1-7 - Thornton completes a superb win on double 12 - after Whitlock misses the bull for a 170 finish and two further darts at double eight. Thornton's end average is 107.65 - two points below his superb 109 of earlier in the season as he misses out on a personal best on TV.

Phil Taylor v Raymond van Barneveld 0-0 - Phil Taylor will throw first
1-0 - van Barneveld hits a 180, but Taylor - who has gone back to using the design of darts with which he won the World Championship in January after four games with a new design - hits double 16 to get off the mark.
2-0 - van Barneveld hits another maximum, but misses darts at double 16, 12 and six to allow Taylor in on tops.
3-0 - The Dutchman misses the bull for a 124 finish, and Taylor again lands tops to win a third leg.
3-1 - van Barneveld gets off the mark by finishing double eight.
4-1 - Taylor hits a 180 and posts double 16 to regain his cushion.
4-2 - Double 16 sees van Barneveld hit back again.
5-2 - van Barneveld opens with 180 and 140 in hitting five successive treble 20s, but he misses four darts to break throw and Taylor lands a third-dart double five to avert a break of throw.
6-2 - Taylor opens with 140 and 180 before hitting double eight to ensure at least a point.
6-3 - Taylor misses two match darts at double 16, and van Barneveld takes out 144 to keep in the game.
7-3 - Two misses at double top from van Barneveld allow Taylor to seal victory with a 72 finish.

Gary Anderson v Wes Newton 0-0 - Gary Anderson will throw first
0-1 - Anderson misses eight doubles to win the opening leg, and Newton punishes him - eventually - on double four.
0-2 - Three further misses from Anderson allow the Fleetwood ace in to double his lead.
1-2 - Anderson hits a 180 and lands double five to get off the mark.
2-2 - The Scot delights the home crowd with double 11 to break throw and level.
3-2 - Anderson posts a 180 and tops to move ahead.
3-3 - Newton takes out 132 on the bull to level.
4-3 - Newton hits a 180, but misses two darts at double eight, and Anderson hits tops to edge ahead.
4-4 - Anderson posts a maximum but misses tops for a 160 finish, and Newton takes out 84 on double 11 to square the game again.
5-4 - Anderson this time takes out 84 on the bull to regain the lead.
5-5 - Anderson misses double top, and Newton takes out 120 to level.
5-6 - Anderson crucially misses five darts at doubles, and Newton breaks throw on double eight.
5-7 - Newton secures a huge victory by taking out 72 to keep his McCoy's Premier League hopes alive.

Michael van Gerwen v James Wade 0-0 - Michael van Gerwen will throw first1-0 - van Gerwen posts a 180 in a superb opening leg, as he finishes double eight for a 13-darter.
1-1 - Wade kicks off with two 180s, and although a possible nine-darter goes begging, he finishes 90 for a 12-darter to level.
1-2 - The left-hander breaks throw with a sparkling 11-darter, finishing with an 86 checkout.
1-3 - van Gerwen kicks off with a maximum, but Wade finishes 134 for a 12-darter to move two legs up.
1-4 - Wade's charge continues as he wins a fourth successive leg, punishing missed doubles from van Gerwen across two visits by pinning tops.
2-4 - van Gerwen hits back by finishing double eight for a 14-dart finish
3-4 - The Dutchman reduces the gap to one leg by taking out tops for a 13-darter.
3-5 - Wade checks out a sensational 135 finish of bullseye, treble 15 and double top to regain his cushion.
3-6 - van Gerwen misses further doubles as Wade finishes 52 on tops to ensure a minimum of a point.
4-6 - Wade misses three match darts at tops as the Dutchman hits the same bed to stay in the hunt.
4-7 - The pair trade 180s before Wade finishes 130 on double five for a 12-darter which seals a superb win, ending the game with seven doubles from 11 attempts.

Latest League Table

P W D L +/- Pts
Phil Taylor 8 4 2 2 +12 10
Michael van Gerwen 8 4 2 2 +12 10
James Wade 8 4 2 2 +9 10
Raymond van Barneveld 8 4 2 2 +6 10
Robert Thornton 8 3 3 2 +5 9
Andy Hamilton 8 4 0 4 0 8
Adrian Lewis 8 3 1 4 -7 7
Simon Whitlock 8 3 0 5 -11 6
Wes Newton 8 2 1 5 -12 5
Gary Anderson 8 2 1 5 -14 5

Week Nine - "Judgement Night"

April 4 - The Brighton Centre

New Order of Play
Adrian Lewis v Raymond van Barneveld
Phil Taylor v Robert Thornton
Wes Newton v Andy Hamilton
Gary Anderson v James Wade
Michael van Gerwen v Simon Whitlock