Friday, 8 March 2013

An Interview With Walk-On Twins Lauren and Brooke

This is an interview with Sky walk-on twins Lauren and Brooke Chadwick.

 We saw the Chadwick twins at last years World Matchplay in Blackpool, the first ever twin Walk-on girls.     1:How did you find out about being a walk-on girl?
          B. Through Angels Elite.
          L. From Karen at Angels Elite.

2: How long have you been doing it for?
             We were lucky enough to take part in last years Matchplay darts in July.

3: What’s your favourite Darts tournament?
             We both love The World Matchplay Darts.

4: What’s been your Darting highlight?
             B. Meeting the lovely players and the dedicated fans.
             L. Meeting all the players.

5: Are you any good at darts?
            B. I would love to say yes ... But no ! Would love to learn though :)
            L. No, but understand the game more now :)


6: Have you got any ambitions?
           B. I would love to carry on as a walk on girl and to become a teacher. 
           L. Yes lots , to work all over the country as a veterinary nurse and being part of                many promotions.

7: If you could have your own walk-on music, what would it be?
           B. Definitely Eye of the Tiger ;)
           L. Rocky's Eye of the Tiger or Wild Ones.            8: What would you Darting nickname be?

           B. The dynamic duo (with the twinny)
           L. The dynamic duo (twins) :) hehe            9: Do you have a favourite Darts Player?
              We both like Phil 'the Power' Taylor ;)

10: Tell me something we don’t know about you?
           B. If anyone didn't know already, I'm an identical twin !
           L. I'm a veterinary nurse.

11: What do you like to do in your spare Time, if you have any?
          B. I love to horse ride and spend time with family and friends.
          L. Ride my horse , spend time with friends and family and work out.

          12: Any advice for someone wanting to get involved in being a walk-on girl?

          B. It's such a great experience , definitely worth getting involved and you get to
               wear some great outfits !
          L. Enjoy every moment its such an amazing experience and opportunity.

A big thank you to Lauren and Brooke for this interview, it was a pleasure.

If you want to get involved with being a Walk-on girl like the Twins, the contact details are below.


01253 820226

This interview was done by Richard on the 7th March 2013.