Thursday, 7 March 2013

An Interview With Walk-On Girl Sammi Marsh

This is an interview with Sky Walk-on girl Sammi Marsh.

1: How did you find out about being a walk-on girl? 

    Through my agent Angels Elite Models.

2: How long have you been doing it for?

    I started in 2012.

3: What’s your favourite Darts tournament? 

   World Matchplay in Blackpool.

4: What’s been your Darting highlight? 

   My highlight was doing the Betfair Baywatch advert.

5: Are you any good at darts?

    No I'm only good and watching darts.

6: Have you got any ambitions? 

   Yes my ambitions are to climb Kilimanjaro and to be a Fire Fighter

7: If you could have your own walk-on music, what would it be?

    Led Zeppelin's Rock n Roll.

8: What would you Darting nickname be? 

    Magic Marsh.

9: Do you have a favourite Darts Player? 

    Phil 'the Power' Taylor

10: Tell me something we don’t know about you?

     I’m a Rock chick.

11: What do you like to do in your spare Time, if you have any? 

    In my spare time I raise money for Tommy’s Baby charity and run marathons.

12: Any advice for someone wanting to get involved in being a walk-on girl? 

     Be yourself have fun and smile it’s a great job.

A big thank you to Sammi for doing this interview, it was a pleasure,

This interview was done by Richard on the 7th of March 2013.