Friday, 8 March 2013

An Interview With Karen Cookson

This is an interview with Karen Cookson.

Back in 1994 Karen and business partner Sue Knight were the original Walk-On girls, first seen at Blackpool.

1: How did you find out about being a walk-on girl?

In 1994 me and my buisness partner sue knight became the first walk on models at Blackpool Winter Gardens we had both been in Miss Blackpool competition which we now organize and where asked to do the Walk-ons carrying the flags for years.

2: How long have you been doing it for?

We did all the Walk-ons for 6 years till year 2000ish.

3: What’s your favourite Darts tournament?

Every Tournament is extremeley exciting.

4: What’s been your Darting highlight?

Having fun will all the darts players doing video promos at the different tournaments!

5: Are you any good at darts?

No im terrible, but played against the players with Sue for charity at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet, I hit the board thats all, but Sue actually hit a bull! Not to finish though!

6: Have you got any ambitions?

To learn to play darts hehe, or even hit the board would be nice!

7: If you could have your own walk-on music, what would it be?

Would have to be Duran Duran - Girls on Film.

8: What would you Darting nickname be?


9: Do you have a favourite Darts Player?

Rod Harrington for the banter we had! and Alan Wariner, as i liked dressing up as the Ice Queen complete with icicles in my hair!

10: Tell me something we don’t know about you?  Miss UK finalist 2 years running! one of the last person to do the deathslide from the top of Blackpool Tower before health n safety came in link

11: What do you like to do in your spare Time, if you have any?

Besides running the agency which is none stop and having 2 lovely children Rio n Madison just having precious family time together relaxing (With a large glass of Rose sat in the garden chilling)

12: Any advice for someone wanting to get involved in being a walk-on girl?

By contacting us at the agency and send photos and a CV.

A big thank you to Karen for this interview, it was a pleasure.

If you would like to be a Walk-on Girl or even a Model, the details are below.


01253 820226

This interview was done by Richard on the 8th of March 2013.