Monday, 7 April 2014

PDC Challenge Tour- 4

MATTHEW EDGAR won his first PDC competition following a narrow 5-4 win over Mark Frost in the fourth PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour event of 2014 in Reading on Sunday.
Edgar, who works a sports coach at a secondary school, defeated Ron Meulenkamp in a tough first round contest before dropping just one leg across his next two matches against Michael Beal and Gaz Cousins.

The 27-year-old from Northamptonshire then defeated German teenager Max Hopp with a 5-3 win at the last 16 stage before overcoming Karl Merchant and Kevin Thomas with nail-biting deciding leg wins to secure a place in the final.

The decider against Mark Frost also went all the way to a final leg, and Edgar held his nerve for a third game running as he triumphed 5-4 to secure the £2,000 first prize and jump up to second in the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Order of Merit.

Frost, who reached the quarter-finals of the last Challenge Tour event held a week ago at the Rivermead Centre, eased through his first two matches against Matthew Dennant and Sean Ryan before edging past Trevor Burkhill 5-4 to reach the last 16.

The Stoke player - known to the darting world as "Frosty The Throw Man" - then claimed a whitewash win over Mike Nott before defeating Jamie Robinson in a deciding leg to reach the last four.

Frost defeated Holland’s Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-2 to reach the final, but was denied a first title in a PDC competition after losing to Edgar by the narrowest of margins.

Dutch youngster van Duijvenbode reached the semi-finals for the second time in the weekend - having also reached the last four in the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship on Saturday - while Wales’ 33-year-old Kevin Thomas produced his best effort in a PDC competition to date with a excellent run to the last four, taking away £500 for his efforts.

Ian McFarlane continued his strong performances on the Challenge Tour by reaching the last eight on Sunday, following runs to a semi-final and final in previous competitions in 2014.

Jamie Robinson, the winner of the first Challenge Tour event of the year, produced another strong display by reaching the quarter-finals, while Karl Merchant and Paul Redfern enjoyed excellent days with runs to the quarter-finals, recording the best performances of their careers.

Belgium’s Dimitri Van Den Bergh, who won Saturday’s PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event, fell back to earth with a bump following a first round loss at Challenge Tour level.

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Order of Merit leader Alan Tabern, who was victorious last week at the Rivermead Centre, also suffered an opening game defeat this time around as he went down to Canadian youngster Shaun Narain - who was defeated by Van Den Bergh in final of Saturday's Youth Tour event.

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event Four
Sunday April 6, Rivermead Centre, Reading
First Round

Shaun Griffiths Bye
Vernon Sheppard 5-0 Alan Tabern Jnr
Richard Ludlow 5-2 Tim Martin
Ian McFarlane 5-2 Sion Thomas
Geoff Heath Bye
Danny Summers 5-3 Luke Woodhouse
Ryan Palmer 5-4 Wayne Thomas
Shaun Littler 5-4 Lee Whitworth
Dan Read Bye
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-2 Ben Songhurst
Rees Hall 5-2 Dimitri Van Den Bergh
Ewan Hyslop 5-3 Dan Dean
Phillip Wathen Bye
Lee Moffat 5-4 Paul Harsant
Doug Thompson 5-4 John Scott
Joe Lacey 5-2 Richie Howson
Scott Mackenzie Bye
Mike Nott 5-1 Martin Homer
Darren Williams 5-1 Robert Fuller
Wayne Dunn 5-4 Mike Norton
Lee Hunter Bye
Trevor Burkhill 5-2 Jason Wilson
Mark Frost 5-1 Matthew Dennant
Sean Ryan 5-2 Andrew Halls
Jamie Landon Bye
Simon Burt 5-3 Ben Gaiter
Shaun Narain 5-2 Alan Tabern
Ricky Sudale 5-1 Richard Denis
Brett Claydon Bye
Philip Milburn 5-1 Reece Robinson
James Bevan 5-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Jamie Robinson 5-0 Jack Hill
Michael Beal Bye
Matthew Edgar 5-2 Ron Meulenkamp
Gaz Cousins 5-2 Gary Eastwood
Simon Cassidy 5-2 Neville Roberts
Max Hopp Bye
Stuart Bousfield 5-1 Paul Carter
Michael Symes 5-4 John Ferrell
Danny Pinhorne 5-0 Krit Middleton
Barrie Bates Bye
Nathan Derry 5-4 Michael Burgoine
Kurt Parry 5-3 Jamie Gemmell
Mark Jones 5-3 Ryan Harrington
Karl Merchant Bye
Michael Blake 5-1 Sam Hill
Darren Weaver 5-0 John Newland
Matthew Dicken Bye Jake Patchett
Alex Roy Bye
Colin Fowler 5-4 Matt Clark
Nick Fullwell 5-2 Ben Davies
Jonathan Worsley 5-1 Jack Tweddell
Peter Evison Bye
Kevin Thomas 5-4 Daniel Day
Kevin Bambrick 5-3 Mark Forman
Curtis Hammond 5-2 Nigel Birch
Jay Foreman Bye
Aden Kirk 5-3 Brandon Walsh
Tony Richardson 5-1 Oliver Stell
Steve Douglas 5-3 Andy Relf
Damien Sherwood Bye
Paul Redfern 5-4 John Burgess
Jon Jukes 5-1 Steven Lippett
Dave Honey 5-1 Vince Tipple

Second Round
Shaun Griffiths 5-4 Vernon Sheppard
Ian McFarlane 5-2 Richard Ludlow
Danny Summers 5-3 Geoff Heath
Ryan Palmer 5-3 Shaun Littler
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-1 Dan Read
Ewan Hylsop 5-0 Rees Hall
Lee Moffat 5-1 Philip Wathen
Doug Thompson 5-4 Joe Lacey
Mike Nott 5-4 Scott Mackenzie
Wayne Dunn 5-4 Darren Williams
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Lee Hunter
Mark Frost 5-2 Sean Ryan
Jamie Landon 5-2 Simon Burt
Shaun Narain 5-3 Ricky Sudale
Philip Milburn 5-4 Brett Claydon
Jamie Robinson 5-2 James Bevan
Matthew Edgar 5-1 Michael Beal
Gaz Cousins 5-1 Simon Cassidy
Max Hopp 5-4 Stuart Bousfield
Danny Pinhorne 5-4 Michael Symes
Nathan Derry 5-2 Barrie Bates
Kurt Parry 5-3 Mark Jones
Karl Merchant 5-1 Michael Blake
Darren Weaver 5-1 Matthew Dicken
Alex Roy 5-4 Colin Fowler
Nick Fullwell 5-1 Jonathan Worsley
Kevin Thomas 5-4 Peter Evison
Kevin Bambrick 5-4 Curtis Hammond
Jay Foreman 5-4 Aden Kirk
Steve Douglas 5-3 Tony Richardson
Paul Redfern 5-0 Damien Sherwood
Dave Honey 5-3 Jon Jukes
Losers £50

Third Round
Ian McFarlane 5-3 Shaun Griffiths
Danny Summers 5-3 Ryan Palmer
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-4 Ewan Hyslop
Doug Thompson 5-1 Lee Moffat
Mike Nott 5-4 Wayne Dunn
Mark Frost 5-4 Trevor Burkhill
Jamie Landon 5-4 Shaun Narain
Jamie Robinson 5-3 Philip Milburn
Matthew Edgar 5-0 Gaz Cousins
Max Hopp 5-3 Danny Pinhorne
Nathan Derry 5-2 Kurt Parry
Karl Merchant 5-3 Darren Weaver
Alex Roy 5-4 Nick Fullwell
Kevin Thomas 5-2 Kevin Bambrick
Steve Douglas 5-4 Jay Foreman
Paul Redfern 5-4 Dave Honey
Losers £100

Fourth Round
Ian McFarlane 5-4 Danny Summers
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-1 Doug Thompson
Mark Frost 5-0 Mike Nott
Jamie Robinson 5-4 Jamie Landon
Matthew Edgar 5-3 Max Hopp
Karl Merchant 5-3 Nathan Derry
Kevin Thomas 5-0 Alex Roy
Paul Redfern 5-1 Steve Douglas
Losers £200

Dirk van Duijvenbode 5-3 Ian McFarlane
Mark Frost 5-4 Jamie Robinson
Matthew Edgar 5-4 Karl Merchant
Kevin Thomas 5-2 Paul Redfern
Losers £300

Mark Frost 5-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Matthew Edgar 5-4 Kevin Thomas
Losers £500

Matthew Edgar 5-4 Mark Frost
Winner £2,000
Runner-Up £1,000

PDC Youth Tour- 4

DIMITRI VAN DEN BERGH picked up victory in the fourth PDC Unicorn Youth Tour event of 2014, as he defeated Shaun Narain 4-2 in Saturday's final.
Van Den Bergh followed up last year's Unicorn Challenge Tour win - when he tasted success on his debut on the PDC circuit - by claiming the £1,000 first prize at Reading's Rivermead Centre in Saturday's tournament.

The 19-year-old from Antwerp put a last 16 defeat to Reece Robinson in the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship - staged earlier in the day - behind him as he dropped only two legs in early victories over Daniel Lidgett and Conor Mayes.

He then defeated Samuel Fuller 4-2 before again dropping only one leg in victories over Mike Zuydwijk - last week's Event Three winner - Keegan Brown and Adam Smith-Neale to reach the final, where he saw off Narain 4-2.

Naran's run to the decider, which earned him £500 in prize money, was his best on the PDC's Development Tours so far, but matched his achievement in a North American ProTour event last year.

The 21-year-old from Calgary, the 2013 Canadian Open winner, had been a last 32 loser in the World Youth Championship, but matched Van Den Bergh's impressive response.

He opened Youth Tour Event Four with a whitewash of Austria's Fredi Gsellmann, defeated Ryan Hogarth and Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-2 and also saw off Matthew Dicken before edging out Shaun Lovett 4-3 in the quarter-finals.

He then overcame Welsh-born Dean Reynolds 4-2 in the semi-finals, but had to settle for the runner-up prize as Van Den Bergh proved too strong.

Reynolds and Smith-Neale took home £250 after reaching the last four, while Keegan Brown followed up his achievement in qualifying for the World Youth Championship final by joining Lovett, George Killington and George Gardner in the quarter-finals.

The Dutch quartet of Zuydwijk, Benito van de Pas, John De Kruijf and Jeffrey De Zwaan were joined in the last 16 by Matthew Dicken, Lee Whitworth, Jake Patchett and Indian newcomer Amit Gilitwala.

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event Four
Saturday April 6
Preliminary Round

Shaun Lovett 4-3 Andrew Clark
Arron Fairweather 4-2 Ryan Hoggarth
Jack Neary 4-0 Terry Webb
Ryan Newton 4-1 Joe Twinn

First Round
Max Hopp 4-0 Patrik Kovacs
Adam Hunt 4-0 Jordan Patterson
Tom Anderson 4-1 Ryan Sullivan
Shaun Lovett 4-1 Sam Hill
Ben Oldroyd 4-2 John Bryan
Josh Payne 4-3 Sean Ryan
Amit Gilitwala 4-1 Bradley Coltman
James Smith 4-1 Harry West
Matthew Dicken 4-0 Rees Hall
Tony Field 4-1 Aaron Knox
Reece Robinson 4-2 Dan Dean
Dean Finn 4-2 James Young
Ryan Hogarth 4-0 Joe Young
Shaun Narain 4-0 Fredi Gsellmann
Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-3 Luke Allen
James Thompson 4-0 Jack Petcher
Ryan De Vreede 4-1 Callum Francis
Dan Lauby II 4-0 Chris Gower
Nicholas Day 4-3 Carl Draper
Dean Reynolds 4-0 Arron Fairweather
Blaine Jelly 4-3 Harry Hamilton
Jake Jones 4-2 Krit Middleton
Benito van de Pas 4-1 John Seagrave
Aaron Baber 4-3 James Wilson
Joshua Richardson 4-2 Kieran Bridgwater
Ross Dalton-Short 4-2 Dan Cross
George Killington 4-3 Dan Green
Ted Evetts 4-0 Martin Walker
John De Kruijf 4-2 Adam Bailey
Ross Twell 4-3 Thomas Flint
Kurt Parry 4-1 Liam Fairclough
Connor Roach 4-2 Vincenzo Masciarelli
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-1 Craig Simpson
Brandon Walsh 4-1 Ben Songhurst
Mike Zuydwijk 4-0 Michael Artiss
Jack Neary 4-1 Keirion Williams
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-1 Daniel Lidgett
Conor Mayes 4-0 Robbie Herbert
Robbie King 4-0 Harry Ward
Samuel Fuller 4-1 Aden Kirk
Liam Gallagher 4-1 Anthony West
Lee Whitworth 4-2 Kevin Voornhout
Ryan Jones 4-1 Charlie Symons
Kurtis Atkins 4-3 Tommy Wilson
Jack Tweddell 4-1 Rainer Hofweber
Tyson Hoefel 4-1 Cain Unwin
Keegan Brown 4-1 Brandonn Monk
John Esam 4-3 Rhys Hayden
Adam Smith-Neale 4-1 Liam Johnson
Andrew Ryan 4-1 Danny Roberts
Dominic Buckley 4-0 George Parker
Ryan Newton 4-3 Sion Thomas
Martin Schindler 4-1 Tom Sykes
Jake Patchett 4-2 Spencer Murphy
Matt Smith 4-2 Shaun Littler
Sam Head 4-0 Charlie Burns
Lewis Venes 4-0 Paddy Meaney
Liam Cooper 4-3 Curtis Turner
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-1 Connor Scutt
James Hubbard 4-0 Nathan Cross
Justin Webers 4-3 Bradley Halls
George Gardner 4-0 Dan Read
Stephen Lennon 4-2 Jimmy Hendriks
Sean Johnson 4-2 Jamie Britten

Second Round
Max Hopp 4-3 Adam Hunt
Shaun Lovett 4-1 Tom Anderson
Ben Oldroyd 4-3 Josh Payne
Amit Gilitwala 4-2 James Smith
Matthew Dicken 4-2 Tony Field
Dean Finn 4-3 Reece Robinson
Shaun Narain 4-2 Ryan Hogarth
Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-0 James Thompson
Ryan De Vreede 4-1 Dan Lauby II
Dean Reynolds 4-1 Nicholas Day
Jake Jones 4-2 Blaine Jelly
Benito van de Pas 4-1 Aaron Baber
Joshua Richardson 4-1 Ross Dalton-Short
George Killington 4-3 Ted Evetts
John De Kruijf 4-2 Ross Twell
Kurt Parry 4-1 Connor Roach
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-3 Brandon Walsh
Mike Zuydwijk 4-0 Jack Neary
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-1 Conor Mayes
Samuel Fuller 4-2 Robbie King
Lee Whitworth 4-1 Liam Gallagher
Ryan Jones 4-2 Kurtis Atkins
Jack Tweddell 4-1 Tyson Hoefel
Keegan Brown 4-3 John Esam
Adam Smith-Neale 4-0 Andrew Ryan
Ryan Newton 4-0 Dominic Buckley
Jake Patchett 4-1 Martin Schindler
Sam Head 4-1 Matt Smith
Liam Cooper 4-0 Lewis Venes
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-2 James Hubbard
George Gardner 4-3 Justin Webers
Stephen Lennon 4-0 Sean Johnson
Losers £25

Third Round
Shaun Lovett 4 -3 Max Hopp
Amit Gilitwala 4 -1 Ben Oldroyd
Matthew Dicken 4-1 Dean Finn
Shaun Narain 4-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Dean Reynolds 4-2 Ryan De Vreede
Benito van de Pas 4-1 Jake Jones
George Killington 4 -3 Joshua Richardsob
John De Kruijf 4-3 Kurt Parry
Mike Zuydwijk 4-3 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-2 Samuel Fuller
Lee Whitworth 4-3 Ryan Jones
Keegan Brown 4-1 Jack Tweddell
Adam Smith-Neale 4-1 Ryan Newton
Jake Patchett 4-3 Sam Head
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-1 Liam Cooper
George Gardner 4-0 Stephen Lennon
Losers £50

Fourth Round
Shaun Lovett 4-1 Amit Gilitwala
Shaun Narain 4-1 Matthew Dicken
Dean Reynolds 4-2 Benito van de Pas
George Killington 4-3 John De Kruijf
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-1 Mike Zuydwijk
Keegan Brown 4-1 Lee Whitworth
Adam Smith-Neale 4-2 Jake Patchett
George Gardner 4-3 Jeffrey De Zwaan
Losers £100

Shaun Narain 4-3 Shaun Lovett
Dean Reynolds 4-2 George Killington
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-1 Keegan Brown
Adam Smith-Neale 4 -0 George Gardner
Losers £150

Shaun Narain 4-2 Dean Reynolds
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-1 Adam Smith Neale
Losers £250

Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-2 Shaun Narain
Winner £1,000
Runner-Up £500

Saturday, 5 April 2014

PDC Premier League- Judgement Night

WES NEWTON was knocked out of the Betway Premier League Darts on Thursday night as Dave Chisnall secured his own survival on Judgement Night with a 7-5 triumph at Cardiff's Motorpoint Arena. The pair went into the league's crucial ninth night bidding to avoid elimination alongside Simon Whitlock, but Newton was sent packing for a second successive year as he suffered a narrow defeat.

Chisnall made a superb start by winning the game's opening two legs, only for Newton to win the next four as he took command in moving 4-2 up - only to then miss three darts in each of the next two legs as his opponent levelled.

The next two were shared before a crucial break of throw put Chisnall 6-5 up and secured him the point which sealed his survival - before he hit double five to claim victory and knock out the Fleetwood ace.

 Newton's defeat meant that Robert Thornton, who also entered Judgement Night on six league points but with better Leg Difference than his basement rivals, survived into the second phase of the campaign despite a defeat to Phil Taylor.

Thornton went down 7-4 as Taylor's revival continued with a dominant display, with the six-time Premier League champion moving up to fifth in the league table with a 102 average.

 Michael van Gerwen consolidated his status at the top of the table with a draw against Simon Whitlock, as the Australian bowed out of the tournament with arguably his best display of the season.

Whitlock took out finishes of 170 and 116 as he took a 6-2 lead, only for van Gerwen to follow up finishes of 100, 164 and 126 by hitting back to claim a point.

 Whitlock had already been assured of elimination going into Judgement Night, having lost his opening four games of the campaign.

 Peter Wright sits a point behind van Gerwen in the league table after he bounced back from last week's defeat to the Dutchman with a 7-5 win over Gary Anderson.

The game's opening ten legs all went with the throw before Anderson missed three crucial doubles in the 11th, allowing Wright to finish 71 to break and move 6-5 up before he landed double five to claim both points.

 The night's other game saw Raymond van Barneveld draw for a fifth successive week, as he hit back from 4-1 down to share the points with Adrian Lewis as the pair maintained their status inside the top four.

The remaining eight players will now face each other one more over the next seven league nights, before the top four progress to the Play-Offs at The O2 in London on May 22.

Betway Premier League Darts
Week Nine - Judgement Night
April 3, Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Gary Anderson 5-7 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 6-6 Simon Whitlock
Adrian Lewis 6-6 Raymond van Barneveld
Wes Newton 5-7 Dave Chisnall
Phil Taylor 7-4 Robert Thornton

League Table
After Week Nine
Legs +/-
Michael van Gerwen
Peter Wright
Raymond van Barneveld
Adrian Lewis
Phil Taylor
Dave Chisnall
Gary Anderson
Robert Thornton
Wes Newton (E)
Simon Whitlock (E)

Match Information

 Gary Anderson v Peter Wright

1-0 - Wright hits a 180, but misses four darts at doubles to win the opening leg as Anderson escapes from earlier misses to post double ten.
1-1 - A 177 from Wright is followed by a 180 from Anderson, before double three puts the colourful World Championship finalist level.
2-1 - Wright misses the bull for a 161 finish, and Anderson takes out 64 on tops to hold throw again.
2-2 - Double eight sees Wright level once again.
3-2 - Anderson lands another 180, and finishes 80 on tops to move back ahead.
3-3 - Wright finishes 40 to level once more, with a sixth successive leg going with the throw.
4-3 - Anderson opens with two 180s to set up the possibility of a nine-dart finish, and though he is unable to complete a perfect leg he returns to finish an 11-darter on double 12.
4-4 - Tops allows Wright to level once again.
5-4 - The pair trade 180s before Wright misses double 19 for a 118 finish to break, with Anderson returning from earlier misses to land double four.
5-5 - Double 16 sees Wright hit back to square the contest once more.
5-6 - Anderson misses two darts at tops and one at double ten, allowing Wright to follow up an earlier 180 by finishing 71 on tops to break and secure a point.
5-7 - Wright misses double ten to take out 140, but has enough cushion to return and land double five to claim the win.

Match Stats
Gary Anderson5-7Peter Wright
81High Finish71
0Breaks of Throw1
5/13 - 38%Checkout %7/26 - 27%

Michael van Gerwen v Simon Whitlock
1-0 - van Gerwen opens the game with a 180, and finishes tops for a 100 finish to win the opening leg.
1-1 - Whitlock lands a 180 and double 19 as he levels.
1-2 - The Australian hits a second maximum of the contest before finishing 116 on tops for a break of throw.
1-3 - Double ten sees Whitlock move two legs clear.
2-3 - van Gerwen fires his challenge with a brilliant 164 checkout.
2-4 - Whitlock initially misses the bull but returns to pin double eight to regain his cushion.
2-5 - Whitlock kicks off with his fourth 180 of the game before taking out 64 on double eight to break throw again.
2-6 - Whitlock lands a sensational 170 finish to ensure he will claim at least a point.
3-6 - van Gerwen wins his third leg of the game with a third ton-plus finish as he takes out 126 on double six.
4-6 - Whitlock misses double top and ten for the win, and van Gerwen takes out 65 on tops to continue his fightback.
5-6 - The Dutchman sends the game into a deciding leg by pinning double top.
6-6 - van Gerwen claims a draw by finishing 70 on double nine.

Match Stats
Michael van Gerwen6-6Simon Whitlock
164High Finish170
2Breaks of Throw2
6/11 - 55%Checkout %6/13 - 46%

Adrian Lewis v Raymond van Barneveld
1-0 - Lewis is first to a double in a scrappy opening leg, before double one sees him eventually draw first blood.
1-1 - van Barneveld opens with a 180 as he levels.
2-1 - Double eight sees Lewis edge back ahead.
3-1 - Lewis breaks throw with a 14-darter.
4-1 - The Stoke ace sets up tops with a 170 score as he lands another 14-dart finish.
4-2 - van Barneveld hits back on double 12.
4-3 - Double top sees van Barneveld break to reduce the gap to one leg.
4-4 - van Barneveld hits a 180 to leave 85, and finishes the combination on double eight.
5-4 - Tops sees Lewis move back ahead as he wins his first leg in four.
5-5 - Lewis misses four darts at double top, ten and five, and van Barneveld steps in to land double 16 to level.
6-5 - Lewis takes out 80 on tops to secure a point from the game.
6-6 - Lewis fires in his first 180 of the game, and when van Barneveld is unable to take out 110, the Stoke ace steps in - only to miss double top in double one, before also missing double 19 to claim the win as the Dutchman takes out 70 on double eight for his fifth draw in the past five weeks.

Match Stats
Adrian Lewis6-6Raymond van Barneveld
80High Finish85
1Breaks of Throw1
6/22 - 27%Checkout %6/14 - 43%

Wes Newton v Dave Chisnall
0-1 - Chisnall claims an early break of throw on double four.
0-2 - Chisnall's confident start continues as he posts double 18.
1-2 - Newton hits back by finishing 87 with a nerve-settling two darter to get off the mark.
2-2 - Newton breaks by finishing 90 on double 15 to level.
3-2 - The Fleetwood ace initially misses the bull to take out 124 before returning on double eight to move ahead.
4-2 - Newton wins a fourth successive leg, initially missing tops for a 151 finish before punishing a miss at double 16 from Chisnall by returning to land double ten.
4-3 - Chisnall lands a 180, and when Newton misses three darts at double 12, the St Helens man lands double eight to break back.
4-4 - Chisnall punishes three more misses from Newton by taking out double 12 to level.
5-4 - Chisnall opens with a 180 but misses the bull to finish 112, and Newton lands double two to move back ahead.
5-5 - Chisnall hits another 180 before double four sees him square the game again.
5-6 - Double top sees Chisnall break to secure a minimum of a draw - securing his Betway Premier League status.
5-7 - Chisnall is first to a finish as both players leave 40 - and the St Helens man lands double five with his third dart to knock Newton out of the tournament.
* Wes Newton is eliminated alongside Simon Whitlock.

Match Stats
Wes Newton5-7Dave Chisnall
90High Finish48
2Breaks of Throw3
5/17 - 29%Checkout %7/18 - 39%

Phil Taylor v Robert Thornton
1-0 - Taylor lands double eight to win the game's opening leg.
1-1 - Thornton finishes tops to level.
2-1 - Taylor takes out 68 on double four to move back in front.
3-1 - Taylor opens with a 180, and punishes three missed doubles from Thornton across two visits by landing double eight to break for the first time.
4-1 - Taylor finishes 108 to move three legs clear on double 16.
4-2 - Taylor misses the bull to win a fourth successive leg, and Thornton replies on tops.
5-2 - Taylor regains his three-leg leg lead.
5-3 - Taylor opens with a 180, but Thornton replies in kind as he hits back.
6-3 - Taylor lands a 180 and finishes tops to secure at least a point from the game.
6-4 - Taylor misses two match darts, and Thornton posts double 12 to stay in the game.
7-4 - Thornton hits a 180, but misses a dart at tops in double five before also missing double 15, and Taylor finishes 68 on double 16 to wrap up the points.

Match Stats
Phil Taylor7-4Robert Thornton
108High Finish60
1Breaks of Throw0
7/17 - 41%Checkout %4/13 - 31%