Friday, 30 August 2013

PDC Sydney Darts Masters- Day2

PHIL TAYLOR and Simon Whitlock will clash in the Sydney Darts Masters semi-finals following brilliant victories at Luna Park on Friday night, and they were joined in the last four by Michael van Gerwen and Adrian Lewis.

Australian superstar Whitlock roared into the last four on home soil in Sydney with a thrilling 8-1 victory over Andy Hamilton in their last eight clash.

Quarter-Finals Adrian Lewis 8-5 Wes Newton
Michael van Gerwen 8-1 Clinton Bridge
Phil Taylor 8-2 Paul Nicholson
Simon Whitlock 8-1 Andy Hamilton

Adrian Lewis v Wes Newton

0-0 - Adrian Lewis wins the bull and throws first
0-1 - Newton breaks in the opening leg, initially missing double 12 for a 104 finish before returning to take out double three after Lewis missed a trio of darts at double two.
1-1 - Lewis fires in the game's first maximum before landing double top to break.
1-2 - Newton breaks again, finishing 58 on tops at the first time of asking.
2-2 - With Newton waiting on 32, Lewis takes out a brilliant 138 on double nine.
3-2 - Lewis finishes 78 on tops to hold throw for the first time in the game.
3-3 - Double ten sees Newton level.
4-3 - Lewis kicks off with a 180 and adds a 140, and though Newton fires in a maximum in reply, the two-time World Champion finishes 92 for an 11-darter.
4-4 - Lewis is punished for missed darts at double top and ten as Newton is given a reprieve to land double five.
5-4 - Lewis regains his range to edge back ahead.
6-4 - Lewis secures a potentially key break, hitting a 180 to leave 41, and when Newton is unable to finish 130, he returns to hit double 16 at the first time of asking, moving two legs clear for the first time.
6-5 - Newton hits back with a fine 104 checkout to break back.
7-5 - Lewis takes his average to above 100 with another 11-darter, scoring 140, 180 and 134 before finishing double 16 to break.
8-5 - Lewis misses the bullseye, but Newton cannot finish 123 and he returns to take out double eight to seal a fine win.

Match Stats
Adrian Lewis 8-5 Wes Newton
11 100+ 14
8 140+ 10
0 170+ 0
7 180 3
99.02 Average 97.19
138 High Finish 104
4 Breaks of Throw 3

Michael van Gerwen v Clinton Bridge

0-0 - Michael van Gerwen wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - van Gerwen lands two 140s in the opening leg, and although he misses the bull for a 161 checkout, he returns to finish double eight for a 14-darter.
2-0 - van Gerwen breaks throw on tops to double his advantage by taking out 60 in two darts.
3-0 - The Dutch ace misses the bull for a 170 finish, but Bridge - who opened the leg with two 140s - is also off-target with three darts at doubles across two visits to allow van Gerwen back in on double four.
4-0 - The pair trade 180s, but Bridge is punished for two further misses as van Gerwen returns on double ten to move four legs up.
5-0 - van Gerwen finishes 62 on double eight to extend his advantage.
5-1 - van Gerwen kicks off with a 180, but Bridge finishes tops for a fine 13-darter to win his first leg of the contest.
6-1 - Double four sees the Dutchman regain his cushion.
7-1 - van Gerwen takes out a superb 154 checkout, finishing the combination with two treble 20s and double 17.
8-1 - The Dutch ace completes a fine performance b landing double 16.

Match Stats
M v Gerwen 8-1 Clinton Bridge
16 100+ 8
6 140+ 6
0 170+ 0
3 180 1
93.87 Average 81.97
154 High Finish 40
3 Breaks of Throw 0

Phil Taylor v Paul Nicholson

0-0 - Paul Nicholson wins the bull and throws first.
0-1 - Nicholson holds throw in the opening leg on double eight.
1-1 - Taylor levels by landing double 16 at the second time of asking.
2-1 - Taylor lands a 180 and finishes 80 in two darts on double ten to break throw and move ahead.
3-1 - The World Champion consolidates his advantage with a superb 14-darter.
3-2 - The pair trade 180s before Taylor misses darts at double 12 and six to break again, and Nicholson steps in to land double ten with his third dart to hit back.
4-2 - Taylor lands double 16 to regain his two-leg cushion.
5-2 - Taylor initially misses his chance to open up a two-leg lead, but Nicholson fails to set up a double when needing 71 - hitting 13 but missing the single 18 to leave tops - to allow the world number one back in double nine.
6-2 - Taylor takes out 84 on double 11 to move two legs away from the win.
7-2 - Nicholson opens with a 180, with Taylor powering in a 177 in reply before missing double seven to take out 93, but a pair of misses at tops from Nicholson allow him back in on double two to move to the brink of victory.
8-2 - Taylor opens with a 180 and adds two more treble 20s in his second visit, before posting double ten to complete a brilliant display, ending with an average of 108.31.

Match Stats
Phil Taylor 8-2 Paul Nicholson
19 100+ 11
4 140+ 8
2 170+ 0
3 180 2
108.31 Average 94.36
84 High Finish 40
3 Breaks of Throw 0

Simon Whitlock v Andy Hamilton

0-0 - Andy Hamilton wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Whitlock brings the capacity crowd to its feet by opening with a 180, and finishes double 16 to win the opening leg against the throw.
2-0 - Hamilton lands a 180, but Whitlock finishes 78 on double 12 to double his lead.
3-0 - Whitlock breaks again, punishing misses from Hamilton by landing double four.
3-1 - Hamilton opens with 180 and 140 and finishes 84 on the bull to get off the mark with a 12-darter.
4-1 - Double top sees Whitlock regain his cushion.
5-1 - The Australian continues to delight the crowd by posting double 19.
6-1 - Whitlock takes out 124 on double eight to move five legs clear.
7-1 - The Australian opens with 140 and 180 as he moves a leg away from the win.
8-1 - Double ten sees the Australian favourite progress to a semi-final with Phil Taylor.

Match Stats
Simon Whitlock 8-1 Andy Hamilton
10 100+ 7
9 140+ 3
0 170+ 0
2 180 2
99.82 Average 81.26
124 High Finish 84
5 Breaks of Throw 1


Phil Taylor v Simon Whitlock
Michael van Gerwen v Adrian Lewis


PDC Sydney Darts Masters- Day 1

WORLD CHAMPION Phil Taylor and Australian ace Simon Whitlock progressed to the last eight of the Sydney Darts Masters with wins on Thursday night, as big-stage debutant Clinton Bridge stunned Raymond van Barneveld with a 6-5 upset victory at Luna Park.

Taylor, the sport's greatest ever player, handed emerging ace Kyle Anderson - the domestic number one following his success on the DPA's Australian Grand Prix circuit this year - a lesson with a fine display as he took a 6-1 victory from their clash.

First Round

Paul Nicholson 6-4 Warren Parry
Raymond van Barneveld 5-6 Clinton Bridge
Wes Newton 6-3 David Platt
Andy Hamilton 6-4 Beau Anderson
Simon Whitlock 6-0 Jamie Mathers
Adrian Lewis 6-1 Monty Tuhua
Michael van Gerwen 6-0 Gordon Mathers
Phil Taylor 6-1 Kyle Anderson

Paul Nicholson v Warren Parry

0-0 - Paul Nicholson wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Double five sees Nicholson win the opening leg.
1-1 - Nicholson initially misses double 18 to finish 101 and is also off-target on double nine and four, and Parry levels on double 14.
2-1 - Double ten moves Nicholson back in front.
2-2 - Nicholson misses two darts a tops, and the Kiwi steps in to level again.
3-2 - Nicholson hits the tournament's first 180, and finishes 32 to move back ahead.
3-3 - Tops sees Parry square the contest again.
4-3 - Nicholson holds throw to edge himself in front once more.
4-4 - Nicholson misses one dart at double 16 to break, and Parry recovers from three earlier misses to post double nine/
5-4 - Nicholson lands tops at the fifth time of asking to move a leg away from victory.
6-4 - Nicholson finishes double eight to seal victory with the game's only break of throw.

Raymond van Barneveld v Clinton Bridge

0-0 - Clinton Bridge wins the bull and will throw first.
1-0 - van Barneveld breaks throw in the game's opening leg, finishing 69 on double 16.
1-1 - Bridge levels by breaking back on double 19.
2-1 - The Dutchman initially misses his chance to win the leg, but Bridge misses tops to move ahead and double two sees van Barneveld break once again.
3-1 - van Barneveld lands a 180 as he holds throw for the first time to move two legs clear.
3-2 - Double 12 sees Bridge hit back.
4-2 - van Barneveld regains his two-leg cushion by hitting tops.
4-3 - Bridge hits back by landing double five.
5-3 - van Barneveld opens with a 180 and finishes tops to move a leg away from the quarter-finals.
5-4 - Bridge saves the match with a superb 136 checkout.
5-5 - van Barneveld is unable to finish 129, and Bridge takes out 47 on tops to send the game into a deciding leg.
5-6 - van Barneveld fails to take out 117, and Bridge steps up to finish 80 on tops for the biggest win of his career as he knocks out the five-time World Champion.

Wes Newton v David Platt

0-0 - Wes Newton wins the bull and will throw first.
1-0 - Double 16 sees Newton hold throw in the opening leg.
2-0 - Newton breaks throw to double his lead.
3-0 - The Fleetwood ace lands double 16 again to move three legs clear.
3-1 - Platt takes out 110 to win his first leg of the game.
4-1 - Newton opens with two 180s, and though a potential nine-darter goes begging, he wins the leg on double two to regain his cushion.
4-2 - Double 16 sees Platt hit back.
5-2 - Newton finishes double eight to move one leg from victory.
5-3 - Platt sets up a potential ten-darter, but eventually wins the leg on double four to save the game, with Newton missing double 16 for a 149 finish to take victory.
6-3 - Newton this time seals the win on double four.

Andy Hamilton v Beau Anderson

0-0 - Beau Anderson wins the bull and throws first
1-0 - Anderson is first to a finish, pays for six misses at doubles as Hamilton hits a sensational 160 finish to steal the leg.
2-0 - Hamilton hits double top again to move two legs up.
2-1 - Anderson hits back to win his first leg of the game.
3-1 - Hamilton lands a 180 as he regains a two-leg lead.
4-1 - Double 12 moves Hamilton into a three-leg cushion.
4-2 - Anderson replies with double 18 to claim a second leg.
4-3 - Anderson pulls back to within a leg by finishing double 16.
5-3 - Hamilton finishes 72 on double four to move to the brink of victory.
5-4 - Anderson takes out 82 on tops to stay in the contest.
6-4 - Hamilton hits double 16 to seal victory and a place in the quarter-finals.

Simon Whitlock v Jamie Mathers

0-0 - SImon Whitlock wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Whitlock lands two 180s in the opening leg and hits double ten to lead.
2-0 - Whitlock adds another maximum, and when Mathers - an Oceanic Masters semi-finalist - misses two darts at tops to allow the world number four back in on double one.
3-0 - Whitlock lands a 180 to leave 28, and takes out the finish to move three legs clear.
4-0 - Mathers posts a maximum as he leaves 101, but misses tops to complete the combination and Whitlock punishes him by hitting tops.
5-0 - Mathers misses a dart at tops to finish 75, and Whitlock moves a leg away from the win by finishing 106.
6-0 - Whitlock adds a fifth 180 and seals the victory by finishing 124 on double 11 for a 12-darter.

Adrian Lewis v Monty Tuhua

0-0 - Adrian Lewis wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Lewis lands a 180 in a 14-darter to open the game.
2-0 - Lewis breaks throw by finishing 76 on double eight.
3-0 - Lewis lands double ten to consolidate his advantage.
4-0 - The two-time World Champion powers in a sensational 170 checkout to move four legs clear.
5-0 - Lewis moves a leg away from victory by taking a fifth straight leg.
5-1 - Tuhua finishes 62 on double 16 to win his opening leg of the game.
6-1 - Lewis takes out 72 on double six to ensure his second round place with a 103.70 average and six doubles from nine attempts.

Michael van Gerwen v Gordon Mathers

0-0 - Michael van Gerwen wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - van Gerwen wins the opening leg on double eight.
2-0 - The Dutchman misses double five for a 130 finish, but returns to pin double one.
3-0 - The world number two takes out 68 in two darts to move three legs clear.
4-0 - Mathers misses two darts at double 18 for a 96 finish, and van Gerwen breaks throw.
5-0 - The Dutch ace wins a fifth successive leg to move to the brink of a quarter-final place.
6-0 - Mathers misses a dart at tops, and van Gerwen hits the same bed to seal his win.

Phil Taylor v Kyle Anderson

0-0 - Phil Taylor wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Double eight sees Taylor win the game's opening leg.
2-0 - Taylor lands tops to double his advantage.
3-0 - Taylor clinically takes out 107 on tops to move three legs clear.
4-0 - Taylor breaks again, this time finishing 87 on double eight.
5-0 - The World Champion wins a fifth successive leg to continue his charge.
5-1 - Taylor misses four match darts as Anderson hits tops to get off the mark.
6-1 - Taylor seals victory by finishing 62 on double 16.

Order of Play:

Adrian Lewis v Wes Newton
Michael van Gerwen v Clinton Bridge
Phil Taylor v Paul Nicholson
Simon Whitlock v Andy Hamilton

Best of 15 legs


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

PDC Sydney Darts Masters- Draw

PHIL TAYLOR will take on top Australian Kyle Anderson when the Sydney Darts Masters, in association with TAB, kicks off at Luna Park on Thursday night.

Sydney Darts Masters Draw Bracket

Phil Taylor (1, England) v Kyle Anderson (Australia)
Paul Nicholson (8, Australia) v Warren Parry (New Zealand)
Simon Whitlock (4, Australia) v Jamie Mathers (Australia)
Andy Hamilton (5, England) v Beau Anderson (Australia)
Michael van Gerwen (2, Netherlands) v Gordon Mathers (Australia)
Raymond van Barneveld (7, Netherlands) v Clinton Bridge (Australia)
Adrian Lewis (3, England) v Monty Tuhua (New Zealand)
Wes Newton (6, England) v David Platt (Australia)

The Qualifiers are:

Kyle Anderson
(Australia) - 2013 DPA Australian Grand Prix Order of Merit winner
Gordon Mathers (Australia) - 2013 DPA Australian Grand Prix Order of Merit runner-up
Clinton Bridge (Australia) - 2013 DPA Australian Grand Prix Order of Merit third place
Warren Parry (New Zealand) - DartPlayers New Zealand Qualifier
Beau Anderson (Australia) - Winner of DPA Qualifier 1
Monty Tuhua (New Zealand) - Winner of DPA Qualifier 2
David Platt (Australia) - Winner of DPA Qualifier 3
Jamie Mathers (Australia) - Leading non-qualified player from DPA Oceanic Masters, won a Play-Off against Dave Muller 6-4

Event Format
Thursday August 29 (8pm)

8x First Round Games
Order of Play:

Paul Nicholson v Warren Parry
Raymond van Barneveld v Clinton Bridge
Wes Newton v David Platt
Andy Hamilton v Beau Anderson
Simon Whitlock v Jamie Mathers
Adrian Lewis v Monty Tuhua
Michael van Gerwen v Gordon Mathers
Phil Taylor v Kyle Anderson
Best of 11 legs

Friday August 30 (8pm)

Best of 15 legs

Saturday August 31 (8pm)

Semi-Finals & Final
Best of 19 legs


Friday, 23 August 2013

PDC Sydney Darts Masters Draws Closer

The Warilla Bowls Club is set to stage four days of action as the remaining places in the Sydney Darts Masters are decided, along with the DPA's 2013 Oceanic Masters champion.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday will see three separate Sydney Darts Masters Qualifiers held, with the winner on each day progressing to compete at Luna Park.

Online entry for the DPA Qualifiers has now closed, but entries will still be taken between 9-10am on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, with play commencing at 11am.

All games in the DPA Qualifiers will be the best of 11 legs, with players who do not qualify moving through to play in the next day's knockout.

The final qualifying place in the Sydney Darts Masters will go to the leading non-qualified player from next Wednesday's DPA Oceanic Masters event, which is open to DPA-registered players from Australia and New Zealand who have competed on the Australian Grand Prix circuit this year.

Should this initially be a tie between players who reach the Semi-Finals or Quarter-Finals, an appropriate Play-Off will be organised by the PDC Tournament Director to take place immediately following the conclusion of the Oceanic Masters.

Wednesday will also see the Sydney Darts Masters draw take place at Luna Park, before the tournament is held from Thursday-Sunday, with coverage live on Fox Sports in Australia and worldwide through Sky New Zealand, Fox Asia, OSN Middle East and on the Eurosport Network.

Although the Sydney Darts Masters Qualifiers are open to men and women, each day will also feature a Ladies' event, culminating in the Puma Local Liquor Ladies Oceanic Masters on Wednesday.

The Oceanic Masters champion will qualify to compete in the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship later this year, where they will join AGP Order of Merit winner Kyle Anderson in travelling to London for the Alexandra Palace showpiece.

Further prize money is on offer in the Oceanic Masters as follows:
Winner: $1,000 plus return airfare to London for the Ladbrokes World Darts Championship.

Runner-Up $500
Semi-Finalists $250
Quarter-Finalists $100
Last 16 Losers $50

Grand Slam of Darts Qualifiers

THE field of qualifiers for the William Hill Grand Slam of Darts has been confirmed.
The 32-player Grand Slam of Darts brings together champions and major finalists from both the PDC and BDO/WDF circuits, who compete in nine days of action at the Wolves Civic.

Play initially sees players drawn into eight four-man groups for the round-robin stage before the top two from each progress to the knockout phase from the last 16 onwards.

This year's Grand Slam of Darts field will be spearheaded by reigning champion Raymond van Barneveld, PDC World Champion Phil Taylor and Lakeside Champion Scott Waites, who are both former Wolverhampton winners.

Their rivals will include World Grand Prix and Premier League Darts champion Michael van Gerwen, European Champion Adrian Lewis, World Youth Champion Michael Smith and former major title winners Robert Thornton, Simon Whitlock, Kevin Painter and Christian Kist.

The field also includes players who have reached major finals within the past two years, including Wes Newton, Andy Hamilton, Gary Anderson, Mervyn King, Kim Huybrechts, Mark Webster and Tony O'Shea, plus World Youth Championship runner-up Ricky Evans.

Semi-Finalists from the previous two Grand Slam of Darts events, PDC World Championships and Lakeside Championships also qualify, meaning that Dean Winstanley, Mark Walsh, James Wade, Ted Hankey, Wesley Harms and debutant Richie George will also compete in Wolverhampton.

With 26 players having already qualified for the William Hill Grand Slam of Darts a further six places remain on offer for the finalists of the World Grand Prix, Championship League Darts and the new PDC event, The Masters, as well as for the PDC Unicorn World Youth Champion.

With The Masters being held from November 1-3 in Edinburgh, the Grand Slam of Darts Wild card Qualifier, which will see any remaining places in the tournament filled at this knockout, will take place if needed on Monday November 4 in Wigan.

Entry for the Grand Slam of Darts Wild card Qualifier is now open, and will be limited to 256 players. Entry is now available, costing, £30, and can be made through the PDC Online Entry System at

William Hill Grand Slam of Darts – 2013 Qualifiers

2012 Grand Slam of Darts

Winner Raymond van Barneveld
Runner-Up Michael van Gerwen
Semi-Finalists Andy Hamilton, Dean Winstanley

2011 Grand Slam of Darts

Winner Phil Taylor
Runner-Up Gary Anderson
Semi-Finalists Adrian Lewis, Mark Walsh

PDC Tournaments

2013 World Championship

Winner (Phil Taylor)
Runner-Up (Michael van Gerwen)
Semi-Finalists (Raymond van Barneveld), James Wade

2012 World Championship

Winner (Adrian Lewis)
Runner-Up (Andy Hamilton)
Semi-Finalists Simon Whitlock, (James Wade)

2013 World Matchplay

Winner (Phil Taylor)
Runner-Up (Adrian Lewis)

2012 World Matchplay

Winner (Phil Taylor)
Runner-Up (James Wade)

2013 World Grand Prix


2012 World Grand Prix

Winner (Michael van Gerwen)
Runner-Up Mervyn King

2013 UK Open

Winner (Phil Taylor)
Runner-Up (Andy Hamilton)

2012 UK Open

Winner Robert Thornton
Runner-Up (Phil Taylor)

2013 Premier League Darts

Winner (Michael van Gerwen)
Runner-Up (Phil Taylor)

2012 Premier League Darts

Winner (Phil Taylor)
Runner-Up (Simon Whitlock)

2013 Championship League Darts


2012 Championship League Darts

Winner (Phil Taylor)
Runner-Up (Simon Whitlock)

2012 Players Championship Finals

Winner (Phil Taylor)
Runner-Up Kim Huybrechts

2011 Players Championship Finals

Winner Kevin Painter
Runner-Up Mark Webster

2013 European Championship

Winner (Adrian Lewis)
Runner-Up (Simon Whitlock)

2012 European Championship

Winner (Simon Whitlock)
Runner-Up Wes Newton

2013 World Cup of Darts

Winner (Phil Taylor) & (Adrian Lewis)
Runner-Up (Kim Huybrechts) & Ronny Huybrechts

2012 World Cup of Darts

Winner (Phil Taylor) & (Adrian Lewis)
Runner-Up (Simon Whitlock) & Paul Nicholson

2013 The Masters


BDO Tournaments

2013 Lakeside Championship

Winner Scott Waites
Runner-Up Tony O'Shea
Semi-Finalists Wesley Harms, Richie George

2012 Lakeside Championship

Winner Christian Kist
Runner-Up (Tony O'Shea)
Semi-Finalists (Wesley Harms), Ted Hankey

Other Criteria

2013 PDC World Youth Championship

Winner Michael Smith
Runner-Up Ricky Evans

2013 PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour

Order of Merit Winner

Grand Slam of Darts Wildcard Qualifier (number of places TBC)

World Champions of the last five years

All otherwise qualified (Martin Adams does not receive invitation under PDC Rule 3.10)
(2009 Taylor/Hankey, 2010 Taylor/Adams, 2011 Lewis/Adams, 2012 Lewis/Kist, 2013 Taylor/Waites)

Players Qualified So Far (26)

Gary Anderson
Ricky Evans
Richie George
Andy Hamilton
Ted Hankey
Wesley Harms
Kim Huybrechts
Ronny Huybrechts
Mervyn King
Christian Kist
Adrian Lewis
Wes Newton
Paul Nicholson
Tony O'Shea
Kevin Painter
Michael Smith
Phil Taylor
Robert Thornton
Raymond van Barneveld
Michael van Gerwen
James Wade
Scott Waites
Mark Walsh
Mark Webster
Simon Whitlock
Dean Winstanley

PDC Championship League Darts

THE field for Championship League Darts will be confirmed following the Players Championship events in Barnsley on September 14 & 15.
The internet-streamed event, won last year by Phil Taylor, features eight eight-player groups who compete at Crondon Park GC in Essex, before the individual Group Winners contest for the title.

Invitations to compete in the tournament are based on ranking positions in the PDC Order of Merit, and will be confirmed following the ProTour weekend in Barnsley next month.

The top eight players will compete in Group One, with the next three players from the rankings entering in each of the subsequent seven groups.

The eight Group Winners then proceed to take part in the big-money Winners Group on Thursday October 24.

Championship League Darts is streamed live through www.LIVEPDC.TV as well as via a series of bookmakers' websites worldwide, with two boards in action simultaneously on each day's play as the players meet once in a round-robin format before the top four contest the semi-finals and final.

2013 Championship League Darts Dates

Group One - Tuesday September 24
Group Two - Wednesday September 25
Group Three - Thursday September 26
Group Four - Tuesday October 15
Group Five - Wednesday October 16
Group Six - Thursday October 17
Group Seven - Tuesday October 22
Group Eight - Wednesday October 23
Winners Group - Thursday October 24

Championship League Darts has been won three times by Phil Taylor, who was the inaugural champion in 2008 and has also won the event in the last two years, defeating Paul Nicholson and Simon Whitlock in those finals.

Colin Osborne was the 2009 winner, with James Wade taking the title the following year.

The innovative event sees prize money paid per leg won throughout the event, with prize money doubling for the Winners Group as well as additional prize money being paid to the eventual champion, runner-up and semi-finalists.


BDO Antwerp Open Results


Colin Roelofs (NL) 4-0 Seppe Giebens (BE) 
Justin Tergouw (NL) 1-4 Mike Decker (BE)  


Colin Roelofs 2-5 Mike Decker



Kyana Frauenfelder (NL) 0-3 Casey Gallagher (Eng)
Sarah Rosen (Swe) 3-2 Junina Wunderlich (Ger) 


Casey Gallagher (Eng) 4-1 Sarah Rosen (Swe)


 Last 16

James Wilson (Eng) 4-2 Richie George 
Tony Eccles (Eng) 1-4 Alan Norris (Eng) 
Martin Adams (Eng) 4-0 Martin Atkins (Eng) 
Jim Williams (Wal) 4-3 Jan Dekker (NL) 
Michel van der Horst (NL) 0-4 Benito van de Pas (NL) 
Jamie Hughes (Eng) 0-4 Mike Zuydwijk (NL) 
Tony Martinez (Esp) 4-3 Wesley Harms (NL) 
Robbie Green (Eng) 4-2 Kenny Neyens (Bel) 


James Wilson (Eng) 5-2 Alan Norris (Eng) 
Martin Adams (Eng) 5-4 Jim Williams (Wal) 
Benito van de Pas (NL) 3-5 Mike Zuydwijk (NL) 
Tony Martinez (Esp) 1-5 Robbie Green (Eng) 

James Wilson (Eng) 1-2 Martin Adams (Eng) 
Mike Zuydwijk (NL) 0-2 Robbie Green (Eng)  

Martin Adams (Eng) 3-2 Robbie Green (Eng) in sets (2-3, 0-3, 3-1, 3-1, 3-0)



Last 16
Deta Hedman (Eng) 4-2 Carine Dessein (Bel) 
Julie Gore (Wal) 4-3 Sharon Prince (GB) 
Dana Verhaegen (Bel) 4-2 Anca Zijlstra (NL) 
Fallon Sherrock (Eng) 3-4 Floortje van Zanten (NL) 
Carla Molema (NL) 1-4 Zoe Jones (Eng) 
Rachna David (Nor) 1-4 Karin Krappen (NL) 
Irina Armstrong (Rus) 4-0 Marene Westermann (Ger) 
Dee Bateman (Eng) 1-4 Stefanie Lück (Ger) 


Deta Hedman (Eng) 4-3 Julie Gore (Wal) 
Dana Verhaegen (Bel) 3-4 Floortje van Zanten (NL) 
Zoe Jones (Eng) 4-2 Karin Krappen (NL) 
Irina Armstrong (Rus) 4-1 Stefanie Lück (Ger) 

Deta Hedman (Eng) 5-1 Floortje van Zanten (NL)  
Zoe Jones (Eng) 5-2 Irina Armstrong (Rus)  

Deta Hedman (Eng) 1-2 Zoe Jones (Eng) in sets (0-3, 3-0, 2-3) 

BDO Zuiderduin Masters Rankings

Following the results of the Antwerp Open, played last weekend in Belgium, the rankings for the Zuiderduin Masters 2013 are completed. Based on these rankings, the players are invited to participate in this event played from 6th to 8th December at the hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands.

16 of the 24 players in the men’s event will be invited. These 16 players are the top 16 of the Zuiderduin Masters rankings 2013. Other players can qualify through the Champions League of Darts and as the winner of the MariFlex Open. The NDB also selects two players from the Dutch national selection team and one player from the national rankings. The promoters can invite players with a wild card.

The first 8 players of the Zuiderduin Masters rankings are seeded. Each seed will be allocated the number one position of a group of 3 players. The other 16 players will be added to a group via a draw later this year.

The 8 seeded players are:

Stephen Bunting (Eng)

Geert De Vos (Bel)

Robbie Green (Eng)

Wesley Harms (Neth)

Richie George (Eng)

Alan Norris (Eng)

Tony O'Shea (Eng)

Benito van de Pas (Neth)

The other invited players based on the rankings are:

Darryl Fitton (Eng)

 Gary Robson (Eng)

 Scott Waites (Eng)

 Jan Dekker (Neth)

 James Wilson (Eng)

 Scott Mitchell (Eng)

 Michel van der Horst (Neth)

 Ross Montgomery (Sco)

The 8 remaining spots will be announced later.

 Wild card*

 Winner of Champions League of Darts 2013 

19. Winner NDB ranking
 20. Winner NDB selection
 21. Wild card
 22. Wild card
 23. Wild card
 24. Wild card

*Stephen Bunting won the Zuiderduin Masters 2012 and also the MariFlex Open 2013. He also qualified as the number one in the Zuiderduin Masters rankings so for this spot another player will receive a wild card.

For the ladies event, two players are invited based on the rankings. One player can qualify via the Champions League of Darts and the winner of the Zuiderduin Masters 2013 is invited to play. Two players will receive a wild card.

The two ladies invited by the rankings are seeded as head of a group. The other players are added to the group via a draw.

The seeded ladies are:

1. Aileen de Graaf (Neth)
 2. Deta Hedman (Eng)**

** Deta Hedman won the MariFlex Open 2013, and also qualified by the rankings so a new player will be invited with a wild card. Anastasia Dobromyslova was the Zuiderduin Masters 2012 ladies champion and receives an invitation to play.

3. Wild card

4. Anastasia Dobromyslova (Rus)

5. Winner Champions League of Darts 2013

6. Wild card

The Zuiderduin Masters Youth 2013 has no seeding and so play is decided by a draw. Colin Roelofs qualifies as the winner of the MariFlex Open 2013 and one player will qualify by the Champions League of Darts.

1. Colin Roelofs  (Ned) (winner MariFlex Open 2013 for boys)
2. Winner Champions League of Darts 2013

The other 3 players are invited in consultation with the Dutch Darts Bond:

3. Wild card
4. Wild card
5. Wild card
6. Wild card

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

BDO British Classic Results

The Ladies event was won by one of our young guns reigning Youth World Cup Champion Fallon Sherrock who beat the reigning World Champion Anastasia Dobromyslova. The Men's event was won by England's Tony Eccles who defeated Remco Van Eijden from the Netherlands.

Ladies Singles

Quarter Finals

England-Deta Hedman 0-4 Wales-Julie Gore
England-Fallon Sherrock 4-0 England-Dee Bateman
Russia-Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-0 England-Juliet Findley
Netherlands-Tamara Schuur 1-4 England-Zoe Jones


Wales-Julie Gore 0-4 England-Fallon Sherrock
Russia-Anastasia Dobromyslova 4-2 England-Zoe Jones


England-Fallon Sherrock 5-1 Russia-Anastasia Dobromyslova

Andy Beardmore from the County of Staffordshire hits a perfect nine darter in the early rounds of the BDO Winmau British Classic being played at the Magna Arena in Rotherham. His amazing achievement sees him become a member of the elite 9 Darter club.

Mens Singles

Quarter Finals

England-Richie George 4-2 England-Dean Stewart
Netherlands-Remco Van Eijden 4-3 England-John Walton Yorks
England-Steven Ritchie 1-4 Netherlands-Rick Hofstra
England-Tony Eccles 4-0 England-Robbie Green


England-Richie George 1-5 Netherlands-Remco Van Eijden
Netherlands-Rick Hofstra 2-5 England-Tony Eccles


Netherlands-Remco Van Eijden 3-6 England-Tony Eccles

Monday, 5 August 2013

BDO Belgium Open

The Belgium Open was held this weekend. These are the results.

Mens Singles


Martin Adams 5-0 Robbie Green
Bas van Elk 2-5 Tony O'Shea
James Wilson 5-4 Christian Kist
Jamie Hughes 5-4 Ron Meulenkamp


Martin Adams 2-1 Tony O'Shea in sets
James Wilson 2-0 Jamie Hughes in sets


Martin Adams 3-2 James Wilson in sets (1-3, 3-1, 3-1, 0-3, 3-2)

Ladies Singles


Deta Hedman 4-1 Anca Zijlstra
Aileen de Graaf 1-4 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Julie Gore 4-3 Fallon Sherrock
Ann Katharin Wigman 4-3 Trina Gulliver


Deta Hedman 5-4 Anastasia Dobromyslova 
Julie Gore 5-4 Ann Katharin Wigman


Deta Hedman 0-2 Julie Gore in sets (2-3, 0-3)

Boys Singles


Wesley DirtyHurre Brink 3-4 Kevin Doets
Lorenzo Turfboer 4-2 Jaimy van Bavel
Colin Roelofs 4-0 Andrew Clark
Joe Davis 4-2 Bryan Coenderaerts


Kevin Doets 2-4 Lorenzo Turfboer
Colin Roelofs 4-1 Joe Davis


Lorenzo Turfboer 2-5 Colin Roelofs

Girls Singles


Kyana Frauenfelder 1-3 Casey Galligher 
Michelle Lind Heart 3-1 Michelle Verbeek 
Christel Merkstein 1-3 Shauni Wastyn
Sharon Bracke 1-3 Sarah Rosen


Casey Galligher 3-0 Michelle Lind Heart
Shauni Wastyn 0-3 Sarah Rosen


Casey Galligher 3-4 Sarah Rosen

Mens Pairs


Bunting/Jimmy Hendriks 3-4 Norris/Wilson
Huhges/Connerton 3-4 Martinez/Theeten
van Hees/Smullenberghes 1-4 de Graaf/Harms
Andersson/Nielsson 0-4 Huybrechts/Huybrechts


Norris/Wilson 4-0 Martinez/Theeten
de Graaf/Harms 1-4 Huybrechts/Huybrechts


Norris/Wilson  4-5 Huybrechts/Huybrechts

Womens Pairs


Brooks/Bateman 2-3 Luck/Wigmann
Hedman/Sherrock 3-1 Lodge/Gallagher
Farlam/Dobromyslova 3-0 Frerot/Dessein
Gore/Jones 2-3 T.Gulliver/Sutton


Luck/Wigmann 0-3 Hedman/Sherrock
Farlam/Dobromyslova 3-2 T.Gulliver/Sutton


Hedman/Sherrock 3-4 Farlam/Dobromyslova

Mixed Pairs


Hedman/Green 2-3 Bateman/Durrant
Dobromyslova/Bunting 3-0 Galliaert/Harms
Prince/Meulenkamp 3-2 Sutton/Desreumaux
Jones/Montgomery 3-2 Gore/Atkins


Bateman/Durrant 1-4 Dobromyslova/Bunting
Prince/Meulenkamp 1-4 Jones/Montgomery


Dobromyslova/Bunting 5-2 Jones/Montgomery

Thursday, 1 August 2013

PDC Expand Development Tours

THE PDC are to invest £260,000 into the future of darts in 2014 with the introduction of a separate Youth Tour and Challenge Tour on the PDC circuit.
Following the development of the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship in 2010-2011, the PDC introduced a Youth Tour, which catered for players aged 14-21 in 2011 and 2012.

This was expanded at the start of 2013 into the Challenge Tour, allowing players up to the age of 25 to compete in events worth £3,000 in prize money, with the system proving highly popular.

However, from 2014 onwards, the PDC will introduce a separate Youth Tour, for players aged 16-21, and Challenge Tour, for all players who compete at PDC Qualifying School but do not win Tour Cards.

The PDC Unicorn Youth Tour will have a £100,000 total prize fund on offer for up to 20 £5,000 tournaments, with a further £160,000 available for players competing on the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour, which will feature more than 15 events worth £10,000 each in prize money.

"It's been a pleasure to see the development of both the Youth Tour and Challenge Tour systems in the last three years," said PDC Director Rod Harrington.

"We're now seeing the benefit of that on the PDC ProTour but, alongside the PDPA, we're determined to push forward, and bringing in separate Youth and Challenge Tours will create even more opportunities for players."

Full details of the 2014 Youth Tour, Challenge Tour and World Youth Championship will be announced later in 2013.

PDC German Darts Master- Schedule

THE draw for September's German Darts Masters has been made, with Michael van Gerwen set to meet Ricky Evans in the seventh European Tour event's first round.

The year's penultimate European Tour event will take place at the Glaspalast in Sindelfingen from September 20-22, as 64 players compete for £100,000 in prize money.

The top 32 players from the ProTour Order of Merit qualified by right for the event alongside 20 UK Qualifiers from their knockout which was held recently in Barnsley, with the Host Nation Qualifier and European Qualifier to take place on September 19 in Sindelfingen.

Friday September 20 First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm)

Main Stage

Robert Thornton v Ted Hankey
Mervyn King v European Qualifier 8
Paul Nicholson v Mark Lawrence
Brendan Dolan v Host Nation Qualifier 1
Colin Lloyd v James Hubbard
Wes Newton v European Qualifier 2
Kevin Painter v European Qualifier 5
Raymond van Barneveld v Josh Payne

Stage Two

Wayne Jones v Ross Smith
Andy Smith v European Qualifier 3
Arron Monk v European Qualifier 1
Ronnie Baxter v Dennis Smith
Colin Osborne v Michael Smith
Stuart Kellett v Alan Tabern
Justin Pipe v Joe Murnan
Ian White v European Qualifier 4

Evening Session (7pm-11pm)
Main Stage

Terry Jenkins v Host Nation Qualifier 4
James Wade v Kevin McDine
Andy Hamilton v Michael Mansell
Simon Whitlock v European Qualifier 6
Phil Taylor v Daryl Gurney
Michael van Gerwen v Ricky Evans
Adrian Lewis v Host Nation Qualifier 2
Dave Chisnall v Host Nation Qualifier 3

Stage Two

Gary Anderson v Andy Jenkins
Peter Wright v European Qualifier 7
Mark Walsh v Jamie Robinson
Jamie Caven v Steve Brown
John Part v Paul Amos
Steve Beaton v Mick Todd
Richie Burnett v William O'Connor
Kim Huybrechts v Darren Johnson