Friday, 23 August 2013

BDO Zuiderduin Masters Rankings

Following the results of the Antwerp Open, played last weekend in Belgium, the rankings for the Zuiderduin Masters 2013 are completed. Based on these rankings, the players are invited to participate in this event played from 6th to 8th December at the hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee, Netherlands.

16 of the 24 players in the men’s event will be invited. These 16 players are the top 16 of the Zuiderduin Masters rankings 2013. Other players can qualify through the Champions League of Darts and as the winner of the MariFlex Open. The NDB also selects two players from the Dutch national selection team and one player from the national rankings. The promoters can invite players with a wild card.

The first 8 players of the Zuiderduin Masters rankings are seeded. Each seed will be allocated the number one position of a group of 3 players. The other 16 players will be added to a group via a draw later this year.

The 8 seeded players are:

Stephen Bunting (Eng)

Geert De Vos (Bel)

Robbie Green (Eng)

Wesley Harms (Neth)

Richie George (Eng)

Alan Norris (Eng)

Tony O'Shea (Eng)

Benito van de Pas (Neth)

The other invited players based on the rankings are:

Darryl Fitton (Eng)

 Gary Robson (Eng)

 Scott Waites (Eng)

 Jan Dekker (Neth)

 James Wilson (Eng)

 Scott Mitchell (Eng)

 Michel van der Horst (Neth)

 Ross Montgomery (Sco)

The 8 remaining spots will be announced later.

 Wild card*

 Winner of Champions League of Darts 2013 

19. Winner NDB ranking
 20. Winner NDB selection
 21. Wild card
 22. Wild card
 23. Wild card
 24. Wild card

*Stephen Bunting won the Zuiderduin Masters 2012 and also the MariFlex Open 2013. He also qualified as the number one in the Zuiderduin Masters rankings so for this spot another player will receive a wild card.

For the ladies event, two players are invited based on the rankings. One player can qualify via the Champions League of Darts and the winner of the Zuiderduin Masters 2013 is invited to play. Two players will receive a wild card.

The two ladies invited by the rankings are seeded as head of a group. The other players are added to the group via a draw.

The seeded ladies are:

1. Aileen de Graaf (Neth)
 2. Deta Hedman (Eng)**

** Deta Hedman won the MariFlex Open 2013, and also qualified by the rankings so a new player will be invited with a wild card. Anastasia Dobromyslova was the Zuiderduin Masters 2012 ladies champion and receives an invitation to play.

3. Wild card

4. Anastasia Dobromyslova (Rus)

5. Winner Champions League of Darts 2013

6. Wild card

The Zuiderduin Masters Youth 2013 has no seeding and so play is decided by a draw. Colin Roelofs qualifies as the winner of the MariFlex Open 2013 and one player will qualify by the Champions League of Darts.

1. Colin Roelofs  (Ned) (winner MariFlex Open 2013 for boys)
2. Winner Champions League of Darts 2013

The other 3 players are invited in consultation with the Dutch Darts Bond:

3. Wild card
4. Wild card
5. Wild card
6. Wild card