Friday, 30 August 2013

PDC Sydney Darts Masters- Day 1

WORLD CHAMPION Phil Taylor and Australian ace Simon Whitlock progressed to the last eight of the Sydney Darts Masters with wins on Thursday night, as big-stage debutant Clinton Bridge stunned Raymond van Barneveld with a 6-5 upset victory at Luna Park.

Taylor, the sport's greatest ever player, handed emerging ace Kyle Anderson - the domestic number one following his success on the DPA's Australian Grand Prix circuit this year - a lesson with a fine display as he took a 6-1 victory from their clash.

First Round

Paul Nicholson 6-4 Warren Parry
Raymond van Barneveld 5-6 Clinton Bridge
Wes Newton 6-3 David Platt
Andy Hamilton 6-4 Beau Anderson
Simon Whitlock 6-0 Jamie Mathers
Adrian Lewis 6-1 Monty Tuhua
Michael van Gerwen 6-0 Gordon Mathers
Phil Taylor 6-1 Kyle Anderson

Paul Nicholson v Warren Parry

0-0 - Paul Nicholson wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Double five sees Nicholson win the opening leg.
1-1 - Nicholson initially misses double 18 to finish 101 and is also off-target on double nine and four, and Parry levels on double 14.
2-1 - Double ten moves Nicholson back in front.
2-2 - Nicholson misses two darts a tops, and the Kiwi steps in to level again.
3-2 - Nicholson hits the tournament's first 180, and finishes 32 to move back ahead.
3-3 - Tops sees Parry square the contest again.
4-3 - Nicholson holds throw to edge himself in front once more.
4-4 - Nicholson misses one dart at double 16 to break, and Parry recovers from three earlier misses to post double nine/
5-4 - Nicholson lands tops at the fifth time of asking to move a leg away from victory.
6-4 - Nicholson finishes double eight to seal victory with the game's only break of throw.

Raymond van Barneveld v Clinton Bridge

0-0 - Clinton Bridge wins the bull and will throw first.
1-0 - van Barneveld breaks throw in the game's opening leg, finishing 69 on double 16.
1-1 - Bridge levels by breaking back on double 19.
2-1 - The Dutchman initially misses his chance to win the leg, but Bridge misses tops to move ahead and double two sees van Barneveld break once again.
3-1 - van Barneveld lands a 180 as he holds throw for the first time to move two legs clear.
3-2 - Double 12 sees Bridge hit back.
4-2 - van Barneveld regains his two-leg cushion by hitting tops.
4-3 - Bridge hits back by landing double five.
5-3 - van Barneveld opens with a 180 and finishes tops to move a leg away from the quarter-finals.
5-4 - Bridge saves the match with a superb 136 checkout.
5-5 - van Barneveld is unable to finish 129, and Bridge takes out 47 on tops to send the game into a deciding leg.
5-6 - van Barneveld fails to take out 117, and Bridge steps up to finish 80 on tops for the biggest win of his career as he knocks out the five-time World Champion.

Wes Newton v David Platt

0-0 - Wes Newton wins the bull and will throw first.
1-0 - Double 16 sees Newton hold throw in the opening leg.
2-0 - Newton breaks throw to double his lead.
3-0 - The Fleetwood ace lands double 16 again to move three legs clear.
3-1 - Platt takes out 110 to win his first leg of the game.
4-1 - Newton opens with two 180s, and though a potential nine-darter goes begging, he wins the leg on double two to regain his cushion.
4-2 - Double 16 sees Platt hit back.
5-2 - Newton finishes double eight to move one leg from victory.
5-3 - Platt sets up a potential ten-darter, but eventually wins the leg on double four to save the game, with Newton missing double 16 for a 149 finish to take victory.
6-3 - Newton this time seals the win on double four.

Andy Hamilton v Beau Anderson

0-0 - Beau Anderson wins the bull and throws first
1-0 - Anderson is first to a finish, pays for six misses at doubles as Hamilton hits a sensational 160 finish to steal the leg.
2-0 - Hamilton hits double top again to move two legs up.
2-1 - Anderson hits back to win his first leg of the game.
3-1 - Hamilton lands a 180 as he regains a two-leg lead.
4-1 - Double 12 moves Hamilton into a three-leg cushion.
4-2 - Anderson replies with double 18 to claim a second leg.
4-3 - Anderson pulls back to within a leg by finishing double 16.
5-3 - Hamilton finishes 72 on double four to move to the brink of victory.
5-4 - Anderson takes out 82 on tops to stay in the contest.
6-4 - Hamilton hits double 16 to seal victory and a place in the quarter-finals.

Simon Whitlock v Jamie Mathers

0-0 - SImon Whitlock wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Whitlock lands two 180s in the opening leg and hits double ten to lead.
2-0 - Whitlock adds another maximum, and when Mathers - an Oceanic Masters semi-finalist - misses two darts at tops to allow the world number four back in on double one.
3-0 - Whitlock lands a 180 to leave 28, and takes out the finish to move three legs clear.
4-0 - Mathers posts a maximum as he leaves 101, but misses tops to complete the combination and Whitlock punishes him by hitting tops.
5-0 - Mathers misses a dart at tops to finish 75, and Whitlock moves a leg away from the win by finishing 106.
6-0 - Whitlock adds a fifth 180 and seals the victory by finishing 124 on double 11 for a 12-darter.

Adrian Lewis v Monty Tuhua

0-0 - Adrian Lewis wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Lewis lands a 180 in a 14-darter to open the game.
2-0 - Lewis breaks throw by finishing 76 on double eight.
3-0 - Lewis lands double ten to consolidate his advantage.
4-0 - The two-time World Champion powers in a sensational 170 checkout to move four legs clear.
5-0 - Lewis moves a leg away from victory by taking a fifth straight leg.
5-1 - Tuhua finishes 62 on double 16 to win his opening leg of the game.
6-1 - Lewis takes out 72 on double six to ensure his second round place with a 103.70 average and six doubles from nine attempts.

Michael van Gerwen v Gordon Mathers

0-0 - Michael van Gerwen wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - van Gerwen wins the opening leg on double eight.
2-0 - The Dutchman misses double five for a 130 finish, but returns to pin double one.
3-0 - The world number two takes out 68 in two darts to move three legs clear.
4-0 - Mathers misses two darts at double 18 for a 96 finish, and van Gerwen breaks throw.
5-0 - The Dutch ace wins a fifth successive leg to move to the brink of a quarter-final place.
6-0 - Mathers misses a dart at tops, and van Gerwen hits the same bed to seal his win.

Phil Taylor v Kyle Anderson

0-0 - Phil Taylor wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Double eight sees Taylor win the game's opening leg.
2-0 - Taylor lands tops to double his advantage.
3-0 - Taylor clinically takes out 107 on tops to move three legs clear.
4-0 - Taylor breaks again, this time finishing 87 on double eight.
5-0 - The World Champion wins a fifth successive leg to continue his charge.
5-1 - Taylor misses four match darts as Anderson hits tops to get off the mark.
6-1 - Taylor seals victory by finishing 62 on double 16.

Order of Play:

Adrian Lewis v Wes Newton
Michael van Gerwen v Clinton Bridge
Phil Taylor v Paul Nicholson
Simon Whitlock v Andy Hamilton

Best of 15 legs