Monday, 25 March 2013

An Interview with Neil Cookson

This is an interview with Neil Cookson, one of the people behind the Sky Walk-on girls.


Neil is one of the people behind the scenes with the Sky walk-on girls. He does most of the promotional work for them including all the social media, and is married to Karen who is Angels Elite that finds all the girls for the jobs.

1: How long have you been doing the whole Walk-on promotions for?
I never thought of it being a promotion, i just do what i do so people who are interested can see whats going on etc, its all about playing darts etc first and foremost.


2: How do you Choose the girls for the Walk-on jobs?
I don't choose anybody haha !


3: What’s your favourite Darts tournament?
Suppose i best say Matchplay at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, where it all started for the Original Walk-On Models Karen and Sue! And was a great stepping stone for quiet a few other young ladies !

4: Are you any good at darts?
I played in the Fleetwood Local league many moons ago, I'm a left hander, no steady style just got a good eye haha !

5: If you could have your own walk-on music, what would it be?
Either Town Called Malice or Eton Rifles the Jam.

6: What would you Darting nickname be?


7: Do you have a favourite Darts Player?
Not really, just enjoy watching the different styles, stance, speed etc of all the players and how they slow down or speed a game up depending on who they are playing.

8: Tell me something we don’t know about you?
I played Football for Fleetwood Town .

9: What do you like to do in your spare Time, if you have any?
Play guitar/sing, and football coaching for free to youngsters at schools.


10: Who would be your dream walk-on girl duo?
It has to be THE ORIGINALS from Angels Elite Models, Karen (my lovely wife ) and of cause Sue!

Neil also does a Radio show on a Monday night, this is the link if you want to listen!