Tuesday, 26 March 2013

An Interview with James 'Jammie Dodger' Wilson

This is an Interview with BDO Player James 'Jammie Dodger' Wilson.

James lives in Huddersfield where he works as a Roofer. He started playing darts at 14 at home with his mum and dad and also at the 4 horseshoes pub. 

1. When did you start playing darts? When did it start getting ‘serious’?

I started play when i was 14 in a local pub team with my mum. I played in the youths and got to the Seniors of Yorkshire but i didn't think i was good enough so i stopped playing. Then i entered a few competitions and did alright then stopped again, then just walked into the local pub one day the landlord gave me some darts. I threw 60, 60 then a 180 and it all started from there. i got a sponsor but he couldn't carry on, but Scott Waites had seen me playing and he said he would sponsor me!

2. Who makes your Darts, how did the partnership come about?

I use Scott's to be honest.

3. Do you find it difficult to play and beat people?

Not really. I go up and play my own game. I don't think who I'm playing, i think about how they are playing. I play my own game, if i hit 45, i hit 45 it doesn't phase me. I'm not a showman, its all about playing your own game.

4. You have had a good 12 months. Any major ambitions?

To become World Champion really, i was going for it last year i was just unlucky to draw Stephen Bunting in the first round, it could of gone either way but he got it in the end. So far this year I'm getting better and better so this time round at the Lakeside they will all have to watch out for me because I've been there now, i know what its all about. It was the little niggles that put me off, like the cameras and the crowd, but I've been there and done it now. Its all about experience i suppose. I lost to Scott in the Dutch final, it was a hard game to play. I was in front and i shouldn't really of thought about Scott, i should of carried on playing my own game. Obviously with Scott sponsoring me and being a really good friend i just seemed to lose it, that will be the first and last time that will ever happen, cos next time it will be game on!

5. What’s your favourite tournament?

My favourite tournament of late i will have to say is Jersey. I really enjoy it, its fantastic to go too. I will be going again this year.

6. Describe your throw in 3 words.

I can describe it in one word.... methodical.

7. What was the highlight of 2012?

I would have to say being at Lakeside. The atmosphere is awesome, that's the main thing in the year that a strive to get to. Now I've been there i want more.

8. What do you do to relax away from darts?

I play Crown green Bowls.

9. Tell me something we don’t know about you.

Well crown green bowling was one of them ha ha. I'm quite good and funnily enough it has the same principles has darts. Its all about hand to eye co-ordination, its a really good game to get into. There is no stress of winning, of which i do a lot of ha ha

10. Do you have any darts weaknesses

Yeah, Friendship. In the BDO everyone travels together, stays in the same hotel and we all go out together. Sometimes its really difficult to play people who you know really well, but I've been switching off of late. Ive been beating them on the dartboard, then shaking hands and back to good friends. Its the only way to be really. Scott has taught me a lot of how to be like that, when your on the board with them they are your worst enemy but after you can be as pally has you want with them.

11. Why ‘Pump up the jam’? If not that what else would you walk on tune be?

It goes with the name Jammie Dodger, pump up the Jam, and the crowd love it. If it couldn't be that i had another song which was 187 Lockdown.

12. Do you take much notice of the social media side of darts i.e.: Twitter, Facebook etc

No not really, my partner does all that side of thing for me. I just try and stay focused on the job I'm doing, i do go on the computer to read all the reviews of the matches thou. I also record all the games I've been in, to watch myself to see where I've been going wrong.

13. When your not playing do you enjoy watching any other players play? Who?

I love watching Stephen Bunting play because he really gets stuck into it, and love watching Scott play because i practise with him. Daryll Fitton and Tony O'Shea they are both great. When Tony is on it he really takes some beating, they are all good games to watch. Its good to watch the older guys, the ones that have been playing for years to see how they cope with the pressure.


14. Why have you never taken the leap to the PDC? Is it something that would interest you? And when if you were to go?

I would love to go to the PDC to play darts has a living, at the moment I'm roofing and there's not a lot of work about. But switching would depend on what sponsor i got and what deal i got offered. If i got a good deal i wouldn't sit around and wait i would probably go. It wouldn't bother me if i was world champion or not, it just the expense of that side. If i got the right offer i would go. I would do the Lakeside this year thou, then after that we would have to see.

I would like to thank James for doing this interview, with him being a Yorkshireman and fellow Huddersfieldian. It was an absolute Pleasure!

This interview was recorded on Monday the 25th of March 2013