Friday, 12 April 2013

PDC McCoys Premier League- Week 10

April 11 - Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield

Robert Thornton 4-7 Simon Whitlock
Adrian Lewis 2-7 James Wade
Michael van Gerwen 7-3 Phil Taylor
Andy Hamilton 5-7 Raymond van Barneveld
James Wade 5-7 Michael van Gerwen

Robert Thornton v Simon Whitlock 0-0 - Robert Thornton will throw first
1-0 - Thornton finishes double two to win the opening leg.
1-1 - Whitlock opens with a 180 before finishing 67 on double 16 to level.
1-2 - Thornton lands a 180, but Whitlock breaks throw on double 16.
2-2 - Thornton hits consecutive 180s before finishing tops for an 11-darter.
3-2 - Whitlock posts a second maximum, but Thornton again finishes double top as he edges back ahead.
4-2 - Thornton picks up another break of throw by maintaining his superb record on tops.
4-3 - Thornton adds a fourth 180 of the game, but this time misses darts at double top, ten, five, two and one to allow the Australian in on tops to break back.
4-4 - Whitlock posts a maximum and again lands tops as he squares the game.
4-5 - Thornton again misses his chance on tops, and Whitlock finishes 64 to move ahead.
4-6 - Thornton opens with a 180 before Whitlock replies in kind, and when the Scot misses three darts at double four, the Australian returns from an earlier miss to land a third-dart double four to ensure at least a draw.
4-7 - Whitlock kicks off with two 180s, and although a potential nine-darter goes begging, he finishes double eight for a 13-darter to seal a crucial victory - after Thornton, needing 116, misses the single 16 which would have left tops.

Adrian Lewis v James Wade 0-0 - Adrian Lewis will throw first
0-1 - Wade initially misses three darts to break before returning to pin double two to win the opener.
0-2 - Wade opts against throwing for the bull as he leaves 40, with Lewis missing double 16 to punish that with a 152 checkout before the left-hander lands a third-dart double ten to move two legs up.
0-3 - Wade posts a 180 and pins tops to break throw again.
1-3 - The pair trade 180s before Lewis finishes 81 on double 13 to win his first leg of the game with a 12-darter.
1-4 - Wade kicks off the leg with a maximum before again posting tops to break back.
1-5 - The left-hander lands his fourth 180 before, in the same spot, hitting tops to move four legs clear.
2-5 - Lewis takes out 85 on double five to win his second leg of the game.
2-6 - Wade finishes 83 on tops to ensure at least a point.
2-7 - Wade fires in a maximum, his fifth, as he pushes his average above 104, before completing a Premier League double over Lewis with an 87 checkout on double 18.

Michael van Gerwen v Phil Taylor 0-0 - Michael van Gerwen will throw first
1-0 - van Gerwen makes a superb start, hitting a 180 to leave 28 before pinning double 14 for a 13-darter.
2-0 - Taylor misses three darts to take the leg, and van Gerwen returns to hit double 16 and break throw.
2-1 - van Gerwen hits a maximum in being first to a double, but he misses four darts to take a third successive leg as Taylor - who hit a 177 earlier in the leg - takes out 80 in two darts to hit back.
3-1 - van Gerwen opens with a 180 and adds a 170 before finishing double four for a 12-dart leg.
4-1 - The Dutchman moves three legs clear, with Taylor missing the bull for a 161 finish to allow van Gerwen in on double 12.
4-2 - Taylor posts double 16 to win his second leg of the contest.
5-2 - van Gerwen takes out 68 on the bull - hitting single one, 17 and the bullseye - to regain his three-leg cushion.
5-3 - van Gerwen opens the leg with a 180, but van Gerwen misses five darts at double 16 and eight to seal at least a draw, and Taylor punishes him on double nine.
6-3 - The Dutchman lands another maximum, and takes out 80 in two darts to secure a minimum of a point.
7-3 - van Gerwen opens with a 180 before initially missing the bull for an 81 finish, but when Taylor misses double top and ten he returns to pin double eight for the win.
The victory for van Gerwen means that Phil Taylor has now lost four league games for the first time since the McCoy's Premier League Darts began.

Andy Hamilton v Raymond van Barneveld 0-0 - Andy Hamilton will throw first
0-1 - Hamilton misses a dart at tops, and van Barneveld takes out 120 to break throw in the opening leg.
0-2 - van Barneveld misses double 16 to finish 104, but Hamilton is unable to land double 12 or six, and the Dutchman hits double 16 at the second time of asking to double his lead.
0-3 - The Dutch star opens with a 180 and finishes double four t win a third leg.
1-3 - van Barneveld adds another maximum, but misses three darts at double 16 to allow Hamilton to pin the same bed to get off the mark.
1-4 - Hamilton lands a maximum in reply, but misses four darts to hit back as van Barneveld posts a key third-dart double five to break throw again.
2-4 - Hamilton produces his best leg of the game to break throw in reply, opening with a 180 and taking out 124 on double 11.
3-4 - Hamilton is first to a double, leaving 32 after 12 darts to mean that a van Barneveld 180 comes in vain as he lands double 16 for a 13-dart finish.
4-4 - Hamilton wins a key leg, hitting double ten with the Dutchman waiting on 28.
5-4 - Hamilton moves ahead for the first time, taking out 90 on the bullseye.
5-5 - Double eight for van Barneveld sees him level once again.
5-6 - Hamilton misses double 18 and double nine to finish 84, and van Barneveld punishes him by hitting double eight to secure a point.
5-7 - van Barneveld scores the better, leaving 16 after 12 darts before finishing double four for a 14-darter to seal a second 7-5 win over Hamilton of the season.

James Wade v Michael van Gerwen 0-0 - James Wade will throw first
0-1 - Both players miss early doubles before van Gerwen posts double nine to break throw.
0-2 - Double six sees the Dutchman double his lead.
1-2 - Double ten for Wade gets him off the mark.
1-3 - Double top for van Gerwen sees him win a third leg.
2-3 - Wade hits tops for a 64 finish to reduce the gap to two legs.
2-4 - van Gerwen posts a 180, and though Wade replies with a 162 score, the Dutchman recovers from missed doubles to land double five.
2-5 - Wade misses double 17 and van Gerwen makes him pay to move three legs clear.
2-6 - Another miss from Wade, on double 11, allows van Gerwen to seal at least a point.
3-6 - Wade's impressive use of the board continues as he hits a 171 score before posting double ten to hit back.
4-6 - Double five sees Wade break throw for the first time.
5-6 - Wade misses two darts at tops to force a deciding leg, but van Gerwen misses a second double top to complete a 99 finish for the win, and the left-hander returns to hit tops with his third dart to send the game all the way.
5-7 - van Gerwen leaves 40 after 12 darts to mean that a 180 from Wade comes in vain, as the Dutchman lands tops for a 13-darter to complete a perfect night.

P W D L +/- LWAT Pts
Michael van Gerwen 11 7 2 2 +22 26 16
James Wade 11 6 2 3 +16 24 14
Raymond van Barneveld 10 6 2 2 +13 27 14
Robert Thornton 10 4 3 3 +5 23 11
Phil Taylor 10 4 2 4 +5 23 10
Andy Hamilton 10 5 0 5 0 21 10
Simon Whitlock 10 4 0 6 -12 20 8
Adrian Lewis 10 3 1 6 -17 15 7
Wes Newton 9 2 1 6 -14 15 5
Gary Anderson 9 2 1 6 -18 13 5

April 18 - The O2, Dublin Andy Hamilton v Phil Taylor
Raymond van Barneveld v Michael van Gerwen
Robert Thornton v James Wade
Simon Whitlock v Andy Hamilton
Raymond van Barneveld v Phil Taylor
Michael van Gerwen v Adrian Lewis