Thursday, 25 April 2013

An Interview With The Undertaker Kevin Thomas

This is an interview with Kevin 'The Undertaker' Thomas

Kevin is a proud Welshman and has played in both the BDO and PDC. He has represented Wales at international level and played at the 2011 WDF World cup. In the same year he also played in the World Masters and got down to the last 24.

1. When did you start playing darts? When did it start getting ‘serious’?

I started playing darts at 6 years of age after watching my Dad play. I started playing from 14 in pub leagues and haven't looked back since.

2. What darts do you use?

I use Harrows original Eric Bristow 24 gram 90% tungsten darts.

3. Who do you play your non PDC darts for?

Up until recently I've played County darts for Glamorgan men's A team and Internationally for Wales men. I've reached 28 caps so far with 15 wins.

4. What darting ambitions do you have?

To be world champion and to progress as high up in The PDC rankings as possible and to reach major televised tournaments.

5. What’s your favourite tournament?

Both PDC and BDO world championships and the PDC UK Open.

6. Describe your throw in 3 words.

Natural, smooth and rock solid.

7. What was the highlight of 2012?

Reaching Welsh Ranking No1 and reaching the televised stages of The Winmau World Masters 2011.

8. What do you do to relax away from darts?

Chill out watching films, browsing the Internet on my iPad mini and i like to go swimming when I can.

9. Tell me something we don’t know about you?

I used to be a gymnast in School and have a talent for memorising film scripts.

10. Do you have any darts weaknesses?

I wouldn't say so but if I had to pick one it would probably be to practise more.

11. Whats your walk-on tune and If not that what else would you walk on tune be?

The Undertaker's theme tune from WWE, as my nickname is The Undertaker and I'm a big WWE Taker fan.

12. Do you take much notice of the social media side of darts i.e.: Twitter, Face book etc

Yes, I'm constantly on Facebook and Twitter but prefer Facebook.

13. When your not playing do you enjoy watching any other players play? Who?

No, I hate watching other players play as I'd rather be involved myself.

14. Do you have any darting heroes?

Not really but I've grown up liking Eric Bristow, Raymond Barneveld, Richie Burnett, Steve Beaton, Martin Adams and Tony O'Shea.

15. Have you always wanted to be a darts pro? If you hadn’t of been that what would you be doing now?

Yes, it's my dream and I will do anything to achieve it.

16. Do you enjoy the practise side of darts?

I've never been a big practise person. I can literally hit form after a few throws. I'm a big believer in its not the amount of practise you do, it's the quality of darts you are playing and getting your mind correctly focused.

17. Do you have any funny printable darts stories you can tell me?

One time when I played and beat Ross Montgomery in a Wales v Scotland British Internationals match, I celebrated with a Booker T spinarooni (google/youtube it if you don't know what is is) on stage. A lot of people found it amusing and some even keep daring me to do it even now.

18. If you could change the outcome of a match you have played in what would it be?

There have been many matches I should have won but thrown away but I would definitely change my televised appearance at The 2011 Winmau World Masters. After the BDO/ESPN messed up and changed my schedule, they only ended up showing two of my legs instead of the whole match live. I was upset and disappointed in this and had to play a lot later in the evening. The occasion slightly got to me and I ended up ill before I went on stage, throwing up and sweating buckets. I was completely drained in the match and ended up losing 2-0. I felt as if I let myself down in this match as I played superb all day to get there. I've matured a lot since then and I'm now currently on The PDC tour and already qualified for the televised UK open in June. I also hit my first competitive 9 darts finish at The UK Open Qualifiers and I'm steadily progressing up the order of merit rankings and with more experience and exposure in these surroundings, it will hopefully all slot into place.

A big thank you to Kevin for doing this interview it was a pleasure.

This interview was done by Richard on Thursday 25th April 2013.