Tuesday, 23 April 2013

An Interview With The Colt Bradley Coltman

This is an interview with young gun Bradley 'the Colt' Coltman.

Bradley is a student at Roundhill community college and is a keen sportsman including Football, Boxing and of course Darts! I thought we should get to know more about this talented 'Young gun'.

1. When did you start playing darts? When did it start getting serious?  I started playing darts at the age of 4. My dad played a lot so when he practised I used to have a board standing up on a chair, it all started from there. Darts started to get serious for me at the age of 10 when I got asked to play for Leicestershire youth county.


2. How did you and Nevada come about?

I started going to a lot of tournaments with my dad, entering them and winning a few games, and then one day John asked me to join team Nevada and I took the chance whilst I had it.

3. Who do you play your non PDC darts for?

I play for Charnwood Super League #charnyarmy


4. You have had a fantastic season so far. Any major ambitions?

To be in the Youth World Championships next year.


5. Whats your favourite tournament?  My favourite darts tournament to watch is the Lakeside, the atmosphere is amazing!


6. Describe your throw in 3 words.

Smooth, accurate and rhythmic.


7. What was the highlight of 2012?

The highlight of 2012 was winning a Riley's youth tournament and to be selected to play Phil Taylor.


8. What do you do to relax away from darts?

Watching TV, playing football for Beaumont town and to listening to music.


9. Tell me something we dont know about you

I used to wear glasses.


10. Do you have any darts weaknesses

I would have to say my weaknesses are my Confidence and nerves.


11. Whats your walk-on tune and why? If not that, what else would you walk on tune be?

Ocean Colour Scene the Riverboat Song. My dad walked onto this when he played for county, it's a catchy song so I thought it would be nice to carry the Coltman name on.

12. Do you take much notice of the social media side of darts i.e.: Twitter, Facebook etc

Yes I have twitter and Facebook. I like to see what happening around the world.

13. When your not playing do you enjoy watching any other players play? Who?

I enjoy watching Tony O'Shea at the Lakeside because he throw is very smooth and consistent, he makes the game look simple.


14. What darts do you use?

I use Tungsten 80% 24 gram Darts.

15. Do you have any Darting heroes?

My darting hero is my dad, I want to play men's county like he did. He taught me what darts was, and how to play darts. He has taken me to lots of tournaments in the past .


16. Team Nevada has been tagged the ‘Young Guns’, A good description?

' Young Guns' is a very good description for Team Nevada because everybody who is part of it are up and coming players.


A big thank you to Bradley for doing this interview and to Jon Archer for making it poosible.

This interview was done by Richard on Tuesday the 23rd of April 2013.