Friday, 26 April 2013

An Interview With The Game Shawn Hogan

This is an interview with Shawn 'the Game' Hogan

Shawn is the popular professional on the SA Pro Darts Organisation circuit. Despite being blinded in his right eye in an accident when he was 12, Shawn has represented South Africa in WDF and PDC World Cups as well as reaching the Semi-Final of the 2012 PDC South African Masters.

1. When did you start playing darts? When did it start getting ‘serious’?

Ive been playing for a while and it started getting serious in 2007.

2. What darts do you use?

I use Target Carrera Darts.

3. Who do you play your non PDC darts for?

The South African Professional Darts Organisation.

4. What darting ambitions do you have?

It would have to be playing Pro-tour full time at the moment.

5. What’s your favourite tournament?

It would have to be the PDC World Cup.

6. Describe your throw in 3 words.


7. What was the highlight of 2012?

Being in the Top 8 with Devon Petersen at the PDC World Cup.

8. What do you do to relax away from darts?

I love to go fishing, its so relaxing.

9. Tell me something we don’t know about you?
Ive represented South Africa in Angling.

10. Do you have any darts weaknesses?

I think it would be that i try to hard.

11. Whats your walk-on tune and If not that what else would you walk on tune be?

My walk-on tune is Motorhead - The Game.

12. Do you take much notice of the social media side of darts i.e.: Twitter, Face book etc

Yes, i interact with lots of other darts players and fans on social media, it is a very important part of growing the image of the sport.

13. When your not playing do you enjoy watching any other players play? Who?

I do enjoy watching the like of John Part and Kim Huybrechts.


14. Do you have any darting heroes?

It would have to be John Part.


15. Have you always wanted to be a darts pro? If you hadn’t of been that what would you be doing now?

I would of gone into Sports Marketing.


16. Do you enjoy the practise side of darts?

Practise is the key to any sport, and although practise can be tough especially when your on your own, it must be done. I try to practise for a minimum of 4 hours every day.


17. Do you have any funny printable darts stories you can tell me?
Its always funny watching the Pro's in the practise room playing the mind games.


18. If you could change the outcome of a match you have played in what would it be?

Most definitely it was the top 8 clash against Wales in the PDC World Cup, It was ours for the taking.

A big thank you to Shawn for doing this interview it was a pleasure.

This interview was done by Richard on Friday 26th of April 2013.