Monday, 22 April 2013

PDC Dartslive

AMERICAN ace Scott Kirchner took the glory as DARTSLIVE staged their Super Darts 2013 event in Hong Kong recently, overcoming Benny Dersch in the final.

Top 16

David Fatum (Canada) 3–2 Sho Katsumi (Japan)
Lourance Ilagan (Philippines) 3-2 Franck Guillermont (France)
Scott Kirchner (USA) 3–0 Colin Lloyd (England)
Antonio Alcinas (Spain) 3–2 Takehiro Suzuki (Japan)
Benjamin Dersch (USA) 3–2 Royden Lam (Hong Kong)
Mark Webster (Wales) 3–2 Haruki Muramatsu (Japan)
Morihiro Hashimoto (Japan) 3–2 Raymond Carver (USA)
Paul Lim (Singapore) 3–1 Cyril Blot (France)


Lourance Ilagan 3–1 David Fatum
Scott Kirchner 3–1 Antonio Alcinas
Benjamin Dersch 3–2 Mark Webster
Paul Lim 3–2 Morihiro Hashimoto


Scott Kirchner 3–2 Lourance Ilagan
Benjamin Dersch 3–1 Paul Lim


Scott Kirchner 3–1 Benjamin Dersch

Final – Leg-by-leg. Loser goes first.

0–0 Kirchner wins the bull and throws first
1-0 Kirchner wins 701 in 18 darts and finishes on the bull, with Dersch waiting on 62.
1–1 Dersch wins a marathon game of cricket with each player having thrown 36 darts. Dersch’s 740 points is good enough against Kirchner’s 721 points. Although Dersch ends with a lower mark average of 5.0 versus 5.67 for Kirchner.
2–1 Kirchner easily wins cricket with stats of 6.67 and 398 points vs Dersch’s 5.4 mark average and 330 points.
3-1 With 101 left Kirchner goes a slightly unorthodox route of bull, single 1, bull - instead of electing to hit bull then T17, and wins in 15 darts with Dersch waiting on 72.