Friday, 22 February 2013

The East Midlands Darts Open 2013

The East Midlands darts open was held at the Brookside Club in Syston, Leicester on Sunday the 17th of February. The open had a field of just under 200 tungsten gladiators taking part, including some of the popular pro's like 'the Pieman' Andy Smith, Kevin Painter, Wez Newton and Jamie Caven, and the battle commenced at Midday.

Last 64

Gary Smith 0-4 Brandon Walsh
Ricky Evans 4-0 Curtis Neale
Des Adams 0-4 Jim Young
Jason Wilson 4-2 Jake Patchett
Gareth Loadman 1-4 Gaz Harris
Duncan Rhodes 0-4 Mark Cox
Lionel Sams 4-0 Martin Biggs
Jim Walker 3-4 Brian Startin
Kevin Painter 4-3 Chris Skeates
Dave Smith 4-2 Jamie Venning
Fred Smith 4-1 Paul Rowley
Jack Tweddell 4-1 Barrie Bates
Liam Fox 0-4 Tony Randall
James Richardson 4-2 Sam Hewson
Craig Cox 4-1 David Maddams
Gaz Cousins 4-0 Rob Comerford
Stuart Evans 2-4 Jamie Wilkins
Steve Curtis 0-4 Alex Roy
Mark Walsh 4-0 Steve Hopkins
Steve Elsom 1-4 John Bott
Rob Hewson 3-4 Dave Ladley
Colin Osborne 4-1 Prakash Jiwa
Rick Oram 0-4 Andy Smith
Wez Newton 4-2 Mick Todd
Clive Richardson 4-2 Mark Gordon
Daz Kitchen 4-1 Roy Pryor
Mel Stuart 0-4 Chris Aubrey
Trevor Sutton 1-4 Nigel Heydon
Ian White 4-1 Pete Fenmore
Dan Dean 0-4 Jamie Caven
Olly Stell 4-1 Sam Fordham
Leon Jarram 3-4 Kev Mcdine

The 'Young guns' From the night before exhibition were doing well with Ricky Evans and Gaz Cousins winning there matches.


Last 32

Brandon Walsh 1-4 Ricky Evans
Jim Young 0-4 Jason Wilson
Gaz Harris 0-4 Mark Cox
Lionel Sams 4-2 Brian Startin
Kevin Painter 4-1 Dave Smith
Fred Smith 2-4 Jack Tweddell
Tony Randall 2-4 James Richardson
Craig Cox 1-4 Gaz
Jamie Wilkins 3-4 Alex Roy
Mark Walsh 1-4 John Bott
Dave Ladley 0-4 Colin Osborne
Andy Smith 4-1 Wez Newton
Clive Richardson 4-2 Daz Kitchen
Chris Aubrey 0-4 Nigel Heydon
Ian White 4-0 Jamie Caven
Olly Stell 1-4 Kevin Mcdine

A couple of the big names were falling by the wayside with Newton and Caven losing there matches, while Painter and Richardson were still in with a shout.

Last 16

Ricky Evans 4-1 Jason Wilson
Mark cox 3-4 Lionel Sams
Kevin Painter 4-2 Jack Tweddell
James Richardson 2-4 Gaz Cousins
Alex Roy 4-2 John Bott
Colin Osborne 2-4 Andy Smith
Clive Richardson 2-4 Nigel Heydon
Ian White 4-1 Kevin McDine

Losers £60.00

Evans and Cousins were still in the fight closely followed by the Artist and the Pieman.

Quarter Finals

Ricky Evans 5-1 Lionel Sams
Kevin Painter 4-5 Gaz Cousins
Alex Roy 5-4 Andy Smith
Nigel Heydon 4-5 Ian White

Losers £175.00

In the Quarters Cousins beat Painter and Evans won his match, this was hotting up nicely. Only those that could control the nerves were going to progress in the battle.

Semi Finals

Ricky Evans 2-6 Gaz Cousins
Alex Roy 3-6 Ian White

Losers £350.00

It was a shame that the 2 youngsters had to play each other in the 1st semi, with Cousins coming out on top. White also won against Roy in the other semi.

The Final

Gaz Cousins 2-6 Ian White

Winner £1500.00
R/Up £700.00

White had survived the day and won the final against Cousins 6-2.

The Runner-up Gaz 'Super G' Cousins with Jon Archer and Adie Mason.

The winner Ian 'Diamond' White with Jon, Adie and the Trophy. 


All the players said how well organised the event had been and how much they had enjoyed the day. I wonder how long it will be to the next one? Not to long hopefully.

A big thank you to Adie Mason for sending me the match info allowing me to do this Blog.