Monday, 18 February 2013

PDC World Youth Tour

MAX HOPP, Kai Gotthardt, Dirk Van Duijvenbode and Teemu Harju are the latest international qualifiers for the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship. The quartet will all compete in the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship Last 64 at the Barnsley Metrodome on Friday March 22 after securing their spots in the event.

Hopp, the German teenager who qualified for the Ladbrokes World Championship last year, will compete in the Under-21s version of the event after picking up wins over Tim Moller, Cedric Tietjens, Stefani Luck and Rainer Hofweber in the German Qualifier. He was joined in winning a place by Kai Gotthardt, who defeated Simon Schaub, Dominik Guth, Andre Bothmann and Kevin Meyer. Dirk van Duijvenbode, who reached the last 16 of the last World Youth Championship, won through the Dutch Qualifier with a 6-4 victory over Kevin Voornhout in the final.

He also defeated Belgium's Dana Verhagen - the partner of Kim Huybrechts - as well as Co Stompe Jnr, Patrick van de Boogard and Gino Vos, who was a narrow semi-final loser. Finland's Teemu Harju, who reached the last 32 of the 2011-2012 World Youth Championship, will again represent his country in the tournament this March.

A further qualifying event, for Austrian players, will be held on March 2. For full information, see The international qualifiers join the top 48 players (plus ties) from the 2012 PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Order of Merit in the 64-player field for the World Youth Championship.

PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship
German Qualifier

Last 16

Marvin Wehder 6-1 Ann-Kathrin Wigmann
Rainer Hofweber 6-5 Thomas Luksch
Stefanie Luck 6-0 David Meyer
Max Hopp 6-1 Cedric Tietjens
Andre Bothmann 6-1 Justin Webers
Kai Gotthardt 6-2 Dominik Guth
Sebastian Pohl 6-1 Manuel Schneider
Kevin Meyer 6-2 Marc Legant


Rainer Hofweber 6-4 Marvin Wehder
Max Hopp 6-2 Stefanie Luck
Kai Gotthardt 6-4 Andre Bothmann
Kevin Meyer 6-4 Sebastian Pohl


Max Hopp 6-2 Rainer Hofweber
Kai Gotthardt 6-3 Kevin Meyer

Dutch & Belgian Qualifier

Last 16

Kevin Voornout 6-5 Jeffrey De Zwaan
Kenny Neyens 6-1 Gilbert van der Meijden
Dimitri van de Bergh 6-1 Hermie van Orsouw
Kevin de Vries 6-3 Jaimy Jacobs
Gino Vos 6-0 Erwin Valks
Michael Vercaempst 6-0 Terry van de Dungen
Dirk van Duijvenbode 6-2 Co Stompe Jnr
Patrick van de Boogaard 6-5 Jan van den Broek


Kevin Voornout 6-5 Kenny Neyens
Dimitri van de Bergh def Kevin de Vries
Gino Vos 6-0 Michael Vercaempst
Dirk van Duijvenbode 6-5 Patrick van de Boogaard


Kevin Voornout 6-5 Dimitri van de Bergh
Dirk van Duijvenbode 6-5 Gino Vos


Dirk van Duijvenbode 6-4 Kevin Voornhout

PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship
Confirmed International Qualifiers

Jackson Wilson-Young (Australia)
Harley Kemp (Australia)
Dean Finn (Ireland)
Oisin Daly (Ireland)
Dirk van Duijvenbode (Holland)
Max Hopp (Germany)
Kai Gotthardt (Germany)
Dan Lauby II (USA)
Shaun Narain (Canada)
Sergio Garcia (Spain)
Teemu Harju (Finland)