Sunday, 17 February 2013

I Predict a Riot Exhibition

Last night saw the I Predict a Riot Exhibition in Leicester. It was the Young Guns v Lets call them the Legends.

The young guns were Gaz 'super G' Cousins, Cain 'the Enemy' Unwin, Sam 'the Mole' Hill, Bradley 'the Colt' Coltman and Ricky 'Swampy' Evans.
The Legends were Steve 'the Bronzed Adonis' Beaton, Terry 'the Bull' Jenkins, Andy 'the Pieman' Smith, Wez 'the Warrior' Newton and Wayne 'Hawaii 501' Mardle.

The first match of the evening was Jenkins v Cousins.
Cousins gained a PDC tour card in 2012 at Q school and shot in to a 3-0 lead against the Bull, but Terry soon woke up hitting a couple of 180's to fight back to 3-3. Terry won the match in the end 4-3, in a very close game.

The second match was Smith v Unwin.
Unwin who will be playing on the PDC challenge tour this year, held his own trading legs with Andy up to 2-2. Eventually the Pieman took control of the game winning the next 2 legs to win th match 4-2.

The last match before the interval was Beaton v Hill.
Hill who finished 8th in last years youth tour and will be seeded for this years world youth finals took the 1st leg against Steve, Beaton pulled the leg back, then Sam took the next. The Adonis then won the next 3 legs winning the game 4-2.

The interval, and more important the food was next. The food was class. Sausage and chips from the local chippy, which everyone loved by the way. Apart from Wayne Mardle who said he was on a diet but forced it down anyway!

The next match was Mardle v Coltman.
Coltman who is only 15 and a fantastic prospect for the future won the first leg! We were sat just in front of the players at the back of the room, and to hear Steve Beaton chuckle when Bradley took the first leg was a bit special. Wayne was doing his showman act messing about on stage, he hit a 180 and run off the stage high fiving everyone in the room. By the time he got back up there he was knackered! Eventually After the messing about Wayne won the game 4-1.

The last game of the night was Newton v Evans.
Evans who will be playing in the PDC Pro-tour and youth challenge this year was in charge of the match. He won the 1st 2 legs, then Wez fought back to make it 2-2. In the end Evans battled through to win the game 4-2.

Nicola Cowell was looking as beautiful as ever doing the walk-ons with all the players, and Adie Mason was in fine form as the MC for the night.

The night also saw Barrie Bates and Mark Walsh turn up to watch. The night was finished off with music from 2Real and the video link below is of the Legends having a boogie later in the night. Whatever next!!

Well done to all the Young guns, the Legends, Nicola and Adie and the people behind the scenes for making the night a huge success. Also to Jon Archer and his wife for putting on the exhibition in the first place. Looking forward to the next one!