Saturday, 23 February 2013

BDO 6 Nations Cup-Day2

In the Crimean resort on the island of Texel, day 2 of the Six Nations Cup Darts Winmau 2013 started. After yesterday, with the ladies playing all there group matches, it was now up to the men. Famous names such as Tony O'Shea, Ross Montgomery , Martin Phillips and Jan Dekker all entered the stage. The Dutch team were in a group with Wales and Scotland and the English were against both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

England won both games fairly easily and qualified for the semi-finals. The Northern Irish knew they had to beat the Republic to qualify for the semi-finals. The Dutch were the first match up against Wales. The Dutch had the 5 Wesley Harms, Benito van de Pas, Dennis Kloese, Rick Hofstra and Remco Eijden. Jan Dekker was kept on hand for the next match.

The Dutch shot out of the starting blocks. Extremely sharp they walked to a 7-0 lead. It was the debutant Dennis Kloese first time playing for his country. Rick Hofstra was a stable factor and Wesley Harms and Benito van de Pas got the points they needed. Wales struggled against the dutch, Even experienced Lakeside players like Martin Phillips and Wayne Warren could not turn the tide. Eventually Netherlands ran to a convincing 21-4 win.

The men from Wales and Scotland then had a thrilling battle with a decisive 13-12 going to Wales. The last match was Scotland and the Dutch and the match would determine who was the first in group 2. It was a real struggle in which the Netherlands stopped Scotland going any further. When the Netherlands needed points it was Jan Dekker who won two major legs and Eijden followed his example with an important finish of 92. Faith came back completely and the Dutch men defeated the Scots eventually 11-14. This Netherlands plays tomorrow in the semi-finals against Northern Ireland.

The results:
11.30 Group 2 NETHERLANDS 21-4 WALES
13.00 Group 1 ENGLAND 16-9 IRELAND 
14.30 Group 2 WALES 13-12 SCOTLAND
17.30 Group 2 SCOTLAND 11-14 NETHERLANDS 


England v Wales
Netherlands v Northern Ireland