Sunday, 28 July 2013

PDC/Betvictor World Matchplay- Quarter and Semi Finals

Phil Taylor (1) 16-10 Justin Pipe (9)
Simon Whitlock (5) 16-18 James Wade (4)
Andy Hamilton (6) 17-19 Adrian Lewis (3)
Michael van Gerwen (2) 16-11 Dave Chisnall (10)

Phil Taylor v Justin Pipe

0-0 - Justin Pipe wins the bull and throws first.
0-1 - Pipe makes an outstanding start, opening the game with a 180 and adding a second maximum before finishing 81 for an 11-darter on double 12.
1-1 - Taylor lands a 180 to leave 122, and though Pipe hits a maximum of his own in reply, the World Champion takes out the finish on double seven to level in 12 darts.
2-1 - The pair again trade 180s before Taylor finishes double eight for a 12-darter to break throw.
3-1 - Taylor finishes double eight for a 14-darter to move two legs up.
3-2 - Pipe lands a fifth 180, and both players initially miss darts to take out 82 before the Taunton ace returns with a 13-darter - with both players above 110 averages.
4-2 - Taylor hits double two to regain his advantage.
4-3 - Taylor fails to set up a double when needing 82, and Pipe averts a possible break of throw by finishing 48 on double ten.
4-4 - Pipe breaks throw for the first time in the game, superbly taking out 136.
4-5 - Taylor lands a 180, but Pipe is first to a finish and lands double 16 for a 13-darter to regain the lead.
5-5 - Taylor levels once again by finishing double eight.
6-5 - Taylor breaks throw again for a second time in the game by landing double ten for a 14-darter.
6-6 - Taylor misses a total of nine darts at a double to win a dramatic leg, as Pipe returns from earlier bursting his score on 68 to land double seven and break back.
7-6 - Taylor is unable to land the bull to take out 88, but Pipe fails to finish 131 and the reigning champion returns on double eight for another break.
8-6 - Pipe again has a sniff, but cannot finish 146 - leaving 16 - and Taylor hits double 16 to move two legs clear.
9-6 - Taylor finishes 84 to win a third successive leg and move clear.
9-7 - Pipe lands a 180, and when Taylor misses the bull to finish 121, the Taunton ace finishes 96 - with his first dart landing in treble one before he hits treble 19 and double 18 to break.
10-7 - Taylor breaks back by taking out 83 on double nine.
11-7 - Taylor hits double eight with his third dart - which remains hanging, just, in the bed - as he pulls four legs clear.
12-7 - Taylor finishes 100 on double 12 for a sixth break of throw in the game as he moves five legs in front of the Taunton ace.
13-7 - The reigning champion wins a fourth successive leg by finishing 69 on double six, putting himself just three legs away from the semi-finals.
13-8 - Pipe hits his seventh 180 of the contest and hits back by landing double four.
14-8 - Taylor posts his fifth maximum, and finishes double 16 for an 11-darter to move two legs from victory.
14-9 - Taylor opens the leg with two 177s to set up a possible nine-darter, but is unable to take out 147 and then sees Pipe finish 104 to win the leg!
15-9 - Taylor hits another 177 score and lands double 16 for a 12-darter as he edges to the brink of another Blackpool semi-final spot.
15-10 - Pipe lands two 180s in a sparkling 11-darter of his own to keep the match alive, finishing 86 on double 16.
16-10 - Taylor kicks off with yet another 177 score, and seals his triumph by hitting double eight.

Match Stats
Phil Taylor16-10Justin Pipe
122, 100High Finish136, 104
6Breaks of Throw3
16/45 - 36%Checkout %10/18 - 56%

Simon Whitlock v James Wade

0-0 - James Wade will throw first - with Simon Whitlock winning the bullseye but giving away the throw.
1-0 - Whitlock's pre-match ploy of giving away the advantage of throw pays off as he breaks to win the opening leg, kicking off the game with a 180 and hitting tops.
1-1 - Both players open with 140 and 180, but Wade wins the leg on tops to break back immediately.
1-2 - Wade opens with a 180 and wins the leg with a 120 finish.
2-2 - Double 16 sees the Australian level the contest.
2-3 - Double ten from Wade edges him back ahead.
3-3 - Whitlock finishes 66 to take the sixth leg and square the contest.
3-4 - Wade lands two 180s in the leg, with Whitlock adding one of his own only for the 2007 champion to finish double ten to edge back ahead.
4-4 - Whitlock finishes tops with his third dart to level.
5-4 - Whitlock breaks throw again, hitting a fourth 180 of the game and landing double 18.
6-4 - Wade misses two darts at tops to break back, and Whitlock punishes him by finishing 92 on double 16 to move two legs clear for the first time.
6-5 - Whitlock opens with a 180 but misses the bull for a 170 finish and Wade takes out tops to finish 65 and hit back with his first leg in four.
6-6 - Whitlock misses two darts at tops and Wade finishes 82 on the same bed to level.
6-7 - Whitlock lands a sixth 180, but again misses a dart at tops, and Wade once more hits the bed to punish his opponent.
6-8 - Wade's accuracy on tops sees him hit the bed for a fourth successive leg to finish 82 and move two legs up.
7-8 - Whitlock lands double ten to halt the left-hander's charge and hit back.
8-8 - Wade fires in a 180, but Whitlock takes the leg by finishing 130 on the bull.
9-8 - Whitlock posts a seventh maximum and finishes 92 on double eight to break again and move back ahead.
9-9 - Wade breaks back once again, hitting tops.
9-10 - Whitlock misses tops for a 160 finish, and Wade returns to hit the same bed to edge back in front.
10-10 - Whitlock finishes 70 on double 16 to level the game again - with only 0.04 between the pair in the averages after 20 compelling legs, with Whitlock at 100.00 and Wade 99.96.
11-10 - Tops sees the lead change hands again as Whitlock moves ahead.
12-10 - Whitlock takes out 124 on the bull to move two legs clear of the five-time Winter Gardens finalist.
13-10 - Whitlock finishes 48 on double 16 to move three legs away from the semi-finals.
13-11 - Whitlock posts an eighth 180, but misses double 16 as Wade steps in to finish tops in taking his first leg in five.
13-12 - Wade reduces the gap to one leg with a fine 14-darter, finishing double ten.
14-12 - Wade wires tops to level, and Whitlock hits the same bed to move two clear again.
14-13 - Whitlock misses a dart at tops to finish 78, and Wade follows an earlier 174 score by hitting tops to hit back
14-14 - Both players open the leg with 180s, and Wade finishes 135 on the bull for a brilliant finish to square the game.
14-15 - Wade opens with 180 and 140 to pull clear, and after initially missing the bull for a 121 finish, the 2007 champion pins double ten to move a leg away from the semi-finals.
15-15 - Whitlock lands his tenth 180 of the game, and hits double ten to level matters and send the match into a tie-break.
15-16 - Wade moves back ahead with a 14-darter, hitting tops to again move a leg away from victory.
16-16 - The Australian levels once more in a dramatic leg, initially missing a dart at tops before Wade also misses tops with one dart for the match, as Whitlock returns to hit double five to stay in the game.
16-17 - Wade finishes 57 on tops to again put himself on the brink of victory.
16-18 - Wade misses double 19 for a 118 finish, but Whitlock misses darts at double top and ten and the left-hander posts double ten to complete an amazing win.

Match Stats
Simon Whitlock16-18James Wade
130, 124High Finish135, 120
6Breaks of Throw7
16/37 - 43%Checkout %18/31 - 58%

Andy Hamilton v Adrian Lewis

0-0 - Andy Hamilton wins the bull and throws first.
0-1 - Lewis hits a 180 and posts double 12 to break in the opening leg with a 13-darter.
1-1 - Hamilton opens with a maximum and hits double 16 to break back.
1-2 - Lewis posts his second 180 of the game - with Hamilton then landing two, leaving himself with four points, only to see the European Champion finish a 12-darter to break once more.
2-2 - Hamilton opens with a 180 - his third successive maximum - and capitalises on six missed doubles from Lewis across three visits by posting double eight to level.
3-2 - Hamilton finishes double 16 to move ahead, with both players above 100 average.
3-3 - Lewis hits a 180 to leave 83, and when Hamilton misses three darts at doubles he steps in to win the leg on tops.
3-4 - Lewis breaks throw again to put himself back ahead.
4-4 - Lewis fires a 180 and leaves himself on tops - only for Hamilton to level with a sensational 170 checkout.
5-4 - Hamilton finishes 127 on double eight to put himself back into the lead.
5-5 - Lewis takes out 100 with two double tops to level once again.
6-5 - Lewis kicks off with a 180, but Hamilton finishes 76 on double four to edge back ahead.
6-6 - Lewis opens once again with a maximum, before finishing double four to level.
6-7 - Lewis posts his seventh 180 of the game, and when Hamilton is unable to wrap up the leg he breaks on double nine.
7-7 - Hamilton this time lands double nine for a big let-off - with Lewis needing 78 but missing the single 20 to leave tops.
8-7 - Hamilton finishes tops to move back ahead as the lead changes hands for a fifth time in the game!
9-7 - Hamilton takes out 70 to move two legs clear for the first time.
10-7 - The UK Open runner-up finishes double four with his third dart to continue his charge with a fourth successive leg.
10-8 - Lewis kicks off the leg with a maximum and finishes double four to hit back.
11-8 - Lewis yet again opens with a 180 - his ninth of the game - before Hamilton lands a maximum in reply, with the world number three missing the bull for an 87 finish to break as Hamilton holds on double 16.
11-9 - Double top sees Lewis reply.
12-9 - Hamilton finishes double 18 to move four legs away from a semi-final spot.
12-10 - Double eight sees Lewis win his tenth leg of the game.
13-10 - Hamilton lands a 180 and finishes double 16 to regain his cushion/
13-11 - Lewis hits back by taking out 96 in two darts.
13-12 - Lewis fires in a 177 before finishing tops to break throw with a sublime 11-darter.
13-13 - Lewis levels the game in a dramatic leg, initially missing his chance on doubles before Hamilton misses two darts at double 18, allowing the two-time World Champion to finish double four.
14-13 - Hamilton takes out 101 on double 16 for his third ton-plus checkout of the game.
14-14 - Lewis finishes 85 on double eight to level once more.
15-14 - Lewis kicks off the leg with a 180 - his 11th - and 140, but misses a second dart at double top when needing 100, and Hamilton pins double 12 to avoid a break of throw and move a leg away from the win.
15-15 - Lewis sends the game into a tie-break by finishing tops.
16-15 - Lewis hits his 13th maximum, but misses darts at the bull - for a 164 checkout - and two at double 16, and Hamilton finishes 65 on tops to edge back ahead.
16-16 - Lewis takes out a stunning 161 checkout to level once more.
17-16 - Hamilton hits his seventh 180 of the game, and takes out 70 to edge himself back to the brink of victory.
17-17 - Lewis finishes 53 on tops to level the game - could we be heading for our first sudden-death leg of the week?
17-18 - Hamilton misses one dart at double 16 to take out 64, and Lewis takes out 78 in two darts to lead for the first time since the 13th leg - putting himself a leg away from the semis.
17-19 - Lewis hits a brilliant 174 to leave 86, and finishes the combination in two darts to claim an amazing win.

Match Stats
Andy Hamilton17-19Adrian Lewis
170, 127, 101High Finish161, 100
5Breaks of Throw6
17/42 - 40%Checkout %19/45 - 42%

Michael van Gerwen v Dave Chisnall

0-0 - Michael van Gerwen wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - van Gerwen kicks off the game with a 180, before winning the opening leg on double five.
1-1 - The number two seed adds a second maximum, but Chisnall levels on tops.
2-1 - Chisnall hits his first 180, but misses tops to allow van Gerwen in with a 105 finish.
2-2 - Tops sees Chisnall level in leg four.
3-2 - van Gerwen hits a 180 and double 16 for a 13-darter to edge back ahead.
3-3 - Chisnall hits a 180 and finishes double 16 to square the game.
3-4 - Chisnall repeats the maximum and the winning double as he breaks throw for the first time.
3-5 - Chisnall takes out 112 to move two legs clear.
4-5 - Chisnall misses three darts at doubles to break once more, and van Gerwen takes out 110 on double 18 to hit back.
5-5 - van Gerwen lands a fourth 180 of the game, and when Chisnall misses one dart at double 16 to win the leg, the Dutchman posts double eight to level.
6-5 - van Gerwen finishes 75 on tops to move back ahead.
6-6 - Chisnall finishes 54 on tops to square the game, despite van Gerwen landing a maximum.
7-6 - van Gerwen hits another 180 and takes out 68 on tops to edge back in front.
8-6 - The Dutchman lands a 180 for a third successive leg, and breaks throw by finishing 84 on double six.
8-7 - Chisnall posts double ten to break back.
9-7 - Chisnall lands a 180, but van Gerwen lands a 171 in reply and breaks on double top.
10-7 - The pair trade 180s and van Gerwen lands tops again to move three legs clear.
10-8 - The duo once more trade 180s, with the Dutchman missing tops to allow Chisnall in on double eight.
11-8 - van Gerwen hits another 180 and posts double ten to restore his cushion
11-9 - Chisnall lands a 180 and finishes 144 to complete a fine 12-darter.
12-9 - van Gerwen takes out 96 to regain his cushion.
13-9 - van Gerwen opens with two 180s, with Chisnall replying with a maximum before the Dutch ace recovers from missing out on a nine-darter to win the leg in 11 darts on double nine.
14-9 - van Gerwen piles in another 180 and finishes 76 to pull five legs clear.
14-10 - Chisnall hits his ninth 180 of the game as he hits back.
15-10 - van Gerwen finishes double eight to move one leg away from victory.
15-11 - van Gerwen hits a 14th maximum of the game, but Chisnall lands an 11-dart finish to stay in the hunt.
16-11 - Chisnall hits a tenth 180, but is unable to hit tops to continue his fightback and van Gerwen hits double ten for a 14-darter to secure his first BetVictor World Matchplay semi-final place.

Match Stats
M v Gerwen16-11Dave Chisnall
110, 105High Finish144, 112
4Breaks of Throw2
16/30 - 53%Checkout %11/24 - 46%


Michael van Gerwen (2) 15-17 Adrian Lewis (3)
Phil Taylor (1) 17-12 James Wade (4)

Michael van Gerwen v Adrian Lewis

0-0 - Adrian Lewis wins the bull and throws first.
0-1 - Lewis finishes 66 to hold throw in the opening leg.
1-1 - van Gerwen levels by taking the second leg comfortably on double ten.
1-2 - Lewis scores 140, 180 and 145 as he moves back ahead with a 12-darter, finishing double 18 at the third time of asking.
1-3 - van Gerwen hits his first 180, but Lewis replies in kind and then takes out 121 on double 14 for another 12-darter to break throw.
1-4 - Lewis finishes 119 on tops to move three legs clear.
2-4 - van Gerwen fires in a 180 and tops to win his first leg in four.
3-4 - van Gerwen opens with 180 and 140, and though Lewis hits a maximum to leave 40, he can only watch as the Dutch ace pins double 11 for an 84 finish to break in 12 darts.
3-5 - Lewis breaks back immediately by finishing double five with his third dart.
4-5 - Lewis misses a dart at tops, and van Gerwen breaks again by finishing double ten.
4-6 - Lewis secures another break of throw with a 12-darter, hitting back-to-back 180s before finishing double eight to regain his two-leg lead.
4-7 - Lewis finishes double 18 as he regains his three-leg lead.
4-8 - van Gerwen misses the bull, double eight and double four, and Lewis steps in to finish double three for a break.
5-8 - van Gerwen lands a 180, his fourth of the game, but is given a reprieve for a miss at double 12, with Lewis off-target on tops for a 109 checkout to allow his opponent to return on double six to break.
6-8 - van Gerwen takes another leg, with Lewis missing the bull for an 86 finish before his opponent takes out tops to hit back.
7-8 - van Gerwen finishes a brilliant 164 with treble 20, treble 18 and the bullseye as he cuts the gap to one leg.
8-8 - The Dutch star pulls level, hitting a 171 to leave 36 before posting double 18 to square the contest.
8-9 - Lewis finishes 106 as he wins his first leg in five to edge back ahead.
9-9 - Double ten sees van Gerwen level the game again.
9-10 - Lewis posts a 14-darter as he moves back in front.
9-11 - For the second time in the game, Lewis posts two 180s in a leg before breaking by taking out 41 on double 12.
9-12 - Lewis finishes double top to regain his three-leg cushion.
10-12 - van Gerwen finishes 72 on double six to hit back once more.
11-12 - Lewis misses two darts at tops, and van Gerwen takes out 84 on the bull to break throw and reduce the gap to one leg.
12-12 - Lewis hits a 174, but van Gerwen takes out 112 on tops to level the game.
12-13 - Lewis regains the lead by finishing 56 on double ten.
13-13 - Lewis hits his tenth 180 of the game, but van Gerwen posts double nine to level.
13-14 - Lewis, for a third time in the match, hits two 180s, and takes the leg on double eight.
14-14 - van Gerwen posts his fifth maximum, and finishes tops for a 13-darter to square matters.
15-14 - Lewis hits a 13th 180, but misses double ten and van Gerwen breaks on double 14 with a brilliant 121 checkout as he leads for the first time in the match.
15-15 - van Gerwen kicks off a dramatic leg with a maximum, with Lewis replying in kind with his 14th, only to miss double 14 to match his opponent's 121 finish - but the Dutchman misses two darts on the wire of double eight, and Lewis lands double seven to break back and level.
15-16 - Lewis opens the leg with five treble 20s as he scores 180 and 139, and finishes double ten to move himself back ahead - and one leg away from the final.
15-17 - Lewis hits a 16th 180 of the game to leave 28, and when van Gerwen misses double 13 for a 146 finish, double seven sees the Stoke ace move into the BetVictor World Matchplay final.

Match Stats
M v Gerwen15-17Adrian Lewis
164. 121. 112High Finish121, 119, 106
6Breaks of Throw7
15/30 - 50%Checkout %17/42 - 40%

Phil Taylor v James Wade

0-0 - Phil Taylor wins the bull and will throw first.
1-0 - Taylor lands a 180 and finishes 85 to take the opening leg in 11 darts.
2-0 - Taylor adds a second maximum and finishes double 16 for a 13-darter to break throw.
3-0 - Taylor continues his brilliant start by taking out 106.
3-1 - Wade hits two 180s, and eventually wins the leg on double five - after Taylor missed darts at double 12 and six to continue his charge.
4-1 - Taylor lands another maximum and finishes 83 to regain his cushion.
5-1 - Taylor hits tops to win his fifth leg of the game - maintaining an average of 117!
6-1 - Wade posts a 180 to leave 104, but Taylor had left 40 after 12 darts and hit tops to complete a 14-dart finish.
6-2 - Wade hits a 174 to leave 32, and lands double 16 to win his second leg of the game.
7-2 - Taylor opens with a 177, and finishes 88 on double 14 to regain his cushion.
7-3 - Double ten sees Wade hit back to win his third leg.
7-4 - Wade finishes 124 on the bull to break for the first time in the game.
7-5 - Wade wins a third successive leg as he punishes Taylor for two missed doubles by finishing 52 on tops.
8-5 - Taylor finishes 71 on double eight to regain his cushion.
8-6 - The pair trade 180s, but Taylor misses double top and ten to allow the 2007 champion in on tops to win a sixth leg.
9-6 - Wade misses his chance to pull back to just one leg behind, seeing one dart at double 15 for a 90 checkout land just inside the wire, and Taylor capitalises by taking out 41.
9-7 - Taylor leaves 32, but Wade finishes a brilliant 146 checkout on double 16 to take the leg in style.
10-7 - Taylor hits back with a 124 checkout.
10-8 - Wade lands a 180 and finishes tops to reduce the gap to two legs once more.
10-9 - Wade breaks for a second time in the contest by landing double 12 as he pulls back to trail by just one leg.
10-10 - Taylor misses one dart at tops to finish 70, and Wade hits the same bed to level - completing a superb fightback from 7-2 down.
11-10 - Taylor kicks off with five treble 20s as he scores 180 and 123, and lands double ten to regain the lead.
11-11 - Wade finishes 80 in three darts with a pair of double tops.
12-11 - Taylor misses the bull to take out 161, but Wade is unable to finish the same combination and the reigning champion returns on double eight.
13-11 - Taylor secures a potentially key break, with Wade missing double 13 for a second 146 checkout of the game to allow the world number one in to finish 63 on double 12.
13-12 - Wade hits a 170 score to leave 40, and when Taylor wires double 16 for a 68 finish, Wade lands tops to break throw again.
14-12 - Taylor lands a 180 and finishes 82 on double eight to break throw.
15-12 - Wade posts a 180, but Taylor finishes tops for a 13-darter to move two legs away from the win.
16-12 - Wade kicks off the leg with scores of 180 and 140, but Taylor lands a maximum of his own and capitalises when the world number four misses a dart at tops and three on the outside wire of double ten, returning to win a dramatic leg on double four.
17-12 - Taylor leaves 96 after nine darts, and finishes tops for a 13-darter to book his place in the final and remain on course for a record sixth successive title.

Match Stats
Phil Taylor17-12James Wade
124, 106High Finish146, 124
5Breaks of Throw3
17/37 - 46%Checkout %12/26 - 46%