Thursday, 25 July 2013

PDC/Betvictor World Matchplay- Day 5

Second Round

Andy Hamilton (6) 13-7 Ian White
Adrian Lewis (3) 13-5 Brendan Dolan (14)
Michael van Gerwen (2) 13-3 Peter Wright
Jamie Caven 10-13 Dave Chisnall (10)

Andy Hamilton v Ian White

0-0 - Ian White wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - Hamilton hits a 165 score to leave 40, and when White misses double 11 to take out 84, the world number six finishes tops for a 13-darter to break throw immediately.
2-0 - Hamilton doubles his lead with a superb 12-darter, taking out 90 on double 18.
2-1 - Hamilton misses two darts at double 18 to win a third successive leg, and White posts double 16 to get off the mark.
3-1 - Hamilton finishes 57 on tops to move two legs clear once more, maintaining an average of around 109.
3-2 - White hits back by landing double four.
4-2 - Hamilton finishes 107 on double 16 to win the sixth leg.
4-3 - White finishes tops to pull back a third leg.
5-3 - Hamilton hits a 180 and takes out 68 to move two legs clear again.
5-4 - Double 16 gives White his fourth leg.
6-4 - White hits a 180, but is unable to break as Hamilton takes the tenth leg.
7-4 - Hamilton hits a 180 and breaks throw on double ten to move three legs clear.
7-5 - The UK Open finalist lands his third 180 of the game, but misses double 16 for a 105 checkout, and White hits the same double to break for the first time.
8-5 - Hamilton breaks throw again, hitting double 18 with his third dart.
9-5 - Hamilton opens with 140 and 180 before winning the leg with a superb third-dart double ten - having had to edge along the oche after blocking the bed with his first two darts just outside the double wire.
9-6 - Double 16 sees White hit back to reduce the arrears.
10-6 - Hamilton finishes 82 with a bullseye, double 16 combination.
10-7 - White attempts the same checkout, initially missing double 16 and eight to take out 82 before returning to land double four.
11-7 - White fires in a 180, but Hamilton replies with two of his own before landing double eight for a 13-darter - although his opponent missed the bull to finish an 85 checkout himself.
12-7 - Hamilton moves a leg away from victory on double eight.
13-7 - White lands a maximum to leave 40, but Hamilton seals victory on tops.

Match Stats
Andy Hamilton13-7Ian White
107High Finish68
4Breaks of Throw1
13/28 - 46%Checkout %7/17 - 41%

Adrian Lewis v Brendan Dolan

0-0 - Brendan Dolan wins the bull and throws first.
0-1 - Lewis misses a dart to break throw in the opening leg, and Dolan finishes 96 to lead.
1-1 - Dolan misses two darts at double top to break, and Lewis finishes tops to level.
2-1 - Lewis hits a 180, and punishes five misses from Dolan at double 16 and eight by landing double five to move ahead.
3-1 - Lewis lands double ten to move two legs clear.
4-1 - The European Champion takes out 101 for another break of throw as he pulls clear at 4-1.
5-1 - Dolan misses a dart at tops, and Lewis lands double six to move four legs ahead.
6-1 - Five more misses from the Northern Irish ace take his total to 15 for the match, as Lewis steps in on double one.
7-1 - Dolan opens with a 180, but Lewis finishes 81 on double 13 to lead by six legs.
8-1 - Lewis takes out 81 again, this time on double 12, as he continues his charge.
9-1 - Lewis wins a ninth successive leg, posting double nine with his third dart at the bed.
10-1 - The world number three produces a brilliant ten-darter - the best of the event so far - as he hits a 180 and a 150 score before pinning double 16.
10-2 - Dolan misses the bullseye, but returns to hit double eight to win his first leg since the game's opener.
10-3 - With Lewis waiting on 40, Dolan takes out double 12 to win his third leg of the game.
11-3 - Both players open with 180s, and Lewis finishes tops for a 13-darter to move two legs away from the quarter-finals.
12-3 - Lewis finishes double nine to move to the brink of victory.
12-4 - Lewis misses double five for a 130 finish to take the win, and Dolan finishes 108 to stay in the game - hitting single one, treble 19 and the bull for an improvised combination.
12-5 - Dolan hits his third 180 of the game before taking out a 170 checkout to continue his revival.
13-5 - Lewis scores 140, 137 and 180 before finishing tops for an 11-darter to seal his last eight spot.

Match Stats
Adrian Lewis13-5Brendan Dolan
101High Finish170, 108
6Breaks of Throw2
13/34 - 38%Checkout %5/21 - 24%

Michael van Gerwen v Peter Wright

0-0 - Michael van Gerwen wins the bull and throws first.
1-0 - van Gerwen takes the opening leg on double 16.
1-1 - The Dutchman lands a 174, but misses a dart at tops to punish Wright, who returns from two misses at double 16 to hit the bed and get off the mark.
2-1 - van Gerwen opens with a 180 and finishes tops to regain the edge.
2-2 - van Gerwen misses three darts at doubles to break Wright, and the Lowestoft ace returns on tops.
3-2 - Van Gerwen moves back in front by finishing 94 on double 16.
4-2 - van Gerwen opens with 180 and 177, and though he is unable to complete a second Blackpool nine-darter, he lands double 18 to break for the first time in the game.
5-2 - van Gerwen finishes 82 on tops to move three legs clear.
6-2 - Double 16 sees van Gerwen wins a fourth successive leg, and break throw again.
7-2 - Wright opens with 180 and 140, but van Gerwen takes out 104 to continue his charge.
7-3 - Wright opens with a 180, and when van Gerwen misses two darts at double 12, the Scot takes out 96 to hit back.
8-3 - van Gerwen again sets up a possible nine-darter with 180 and 177, again missing out on a perfect leg before punishing a miss from Wright - at the bull for a 170 finish - by taking out tops.
9-3 - Wright hits a 180, but misses tops and van Gerwen lands double 16 to break.
10-3 - Double 16 once again sees van Gerwen move into double figures for the game.
11-3 - van Gerwen breaks throw for a fourth time by landing tops.
12-3 - van Gerwen lands double 16 to move a leg away from victory.
13-3 - Wright hits a 180, with van Gerwen then missing the bull for a 170 finish to take victory before returning to finish double eight.

Match Stats
M v Gerwen13-3Peter Wright
104High Finish96
5Breaks of Throw0
13/31 - 42%Checkout %3/10 - 30%

Jamie Caven v Dave Chisnall

0-0 - Jamie Caven wins the bull and throws first.
0-1 - Chisnall lands a 180 and breaks on tops to Win the opening leg.
0-2 - The St Helens ace again hits tops as he doubles his lead.
1-2 - Chisnall lands another maximum, but Caven gets off the mark on tops.
2-2 - Caven opens with two 180s to set up a possible nine-darter, missing out on the 141 finish - with Chisnall landing a 180 of his own but missing the bull and two darts at double eight to allow the Derby flier in on double five to level.
2-3 - Chisnall lands a 180 and capitalises on double eight when Caven fails to set up a double when needing 50.
2-4 - Chisnall opens with a 180 and takes out 81 on double 12 to move two legs clear again.
2-5 - Chisnall breaks with an 86 finish.
2-6 - Double four sees the number ten seed move four legs clear.
3-6 - Caven lands double eight to win his first leg in five.
4-6 - Caven opens with a 177 before Chisnall later hits a 174 score to set up 32 - but he can only watch on as Caven finishes 109 on double 16.
5-6 - Chisnall is unable to finish 83, and Caven lands double 13 with his third dart to take a third successive leg.
5-7 - Chisnall posts back-to-back 180s and finishes tops for a 14-darter to regain his cushion.
6-7 - Caven finishes tops to win his sixth leg of the game.
7-7 - The Derby ace throws back-to-back 180s to set up a possible nine-darter for a second time in the game, and although a perfect leg goes begging once again on his seventh dart, he returns to finish tops for an 11-darter to level the game.
8-7 - Chisnall misses tops for a 79 finish, and Caven makes him pay by hitting the same bed to complete a 72 combination as he moves ahead for the first time.
9-7 - Caven hits a 180 and finishes 82 on tops to move two legs clear.
10-7 - The pair trade 180s, with Caven missing the bull for an 89 finish only to return after Chisnall misses tops, and double eight gives the Derby man a three-leg cushion.
10-8 - Chisnall hits back by finishing double ten.
10-9 - Caven opens with a 180, but is unable to capitalise on two missed doubles from Chisnall when he is off-target on double 12 and six, allowing the number ten seed to finish double four to pull back to within a leg.
10-10 - Chisnall holds his nerve to level by hitting double three.
10-11 - Chisnall initially misses five doubles to win the leg, but Caven misses three of his own across two visits - at double top, ten and five - to allow his opponent back to regain the lead on double eight.
10-12 - Chisnall takes out 116 on double 18 to move a leg away from victory with a fifth straight leg.
10-13 - The pair trade 180s, and Chisnall seals a brilliant win with double 13 for an 81 finish.

Match Stats
Jamie Caven10-13Dave Chisnall
109High Finish116
4Breaks of Throw6
10/28 - 36%Checkout %13/37 - 35%

Thursday July 25 (7pm)

Phil Taylor (1) v Justin Pipe (9)
Simon Whitlock (5) v James Wade (4)

Friday July 26 (7pm)
Quarter-Finals x2

Andy Hamilton (6) v Adrian Lewis (3)
Michael van Gerwen (2) v Dave Chisnall (10)

Latest BetVictor Odds

6/4 Michael van Gerwen
6/4 Phil Taylor
7/1 Adrian Lewis
12/1 James Wade
16/1 Simon Whitlock
18/1 Andy Hamilton
28/1 Dave Chisnall
50/1 Justin Pipe

Final To Be Phil Taylor v Michael van Gerwen

4/5 Yes
Evens No