Wednesday, 22 May 2013

PDC Gibraltar Darts Trophy- Entries

THE entries for the Gibraltar Darts Trophy European Tour event have been confirmed, with the UK Qualifier to be held on Friday May 24 in Wigan.

The PDC will return to Gibraltar from June 28-30 for the £100,000 European Tour event, which will feature 64 players.

The top 32 players who have entered the event, based on the One-Year Rolling Players Championship Order of Merit at the close of entries, are seeded automatically into the first round.

They will be joined by the 20 UK Qualifiers - who will come from Friday's UK Qualifier at the Robin Park Tennis Centre - as well as four Home Nation Qualifiers and the eight European Qualifiers, who will compete in a knockout event on Thursday June 27 in Gibraltar.

The Home Nation Qualifier has already been staged, with Dylan Duo, Dyson Parody, Manuel Vilerio and George Federico winning their places in the event.

Top 32 Seeds (from One-Year ProTour OOM)

1 Michael van Gerwen
2 Simon Whitlock
3 Dave Chisnall
4 Robert Thornton
5 Wes Newton
6 Kim Huybrechts
7 John Part
8 Ian White
9 Adrian Lewis
10 Phil Taylor
11 Peter Wright
12 Ronnie Baxter
13 Paul Nicholson
14 Andy Hamilton
15 Mervyn King
16 Stuart Kellett
17 Colin Lloyd
18 Justin Pipe
19 Gary Anderson
20 Brendan Dolan
21 James Wade
22 Mark Webster
23 Mark Walsh
24 Andy Smith
25 Jamie Caven
26 Arron Monk
27 Richie Burnett
28 Kevin Painter
29 Colin Osborne
30 Wayne Jones
31 Steve Beaton
32 Scott Rand

UK Qualifier Entries

Friday May 25, Wigan
Paul Amos
Chris Aubrey
Paul Barham
Michael Barnard
Barrie Bates
John Bowles
Keegan Brown
Steve Brown
Matt Clark
Gaz Cousins
Joe Cullen
Matthew Dennant
Matthew Dicken
Kevin Dowling
Mark Dudbridge
Matthew Edgar
Ricky Evans
Connie Finnan
Nick Fullwell
Jamie Gemmell
Andrew Gilding
Adrian Gray
Steve Grubb
Daryl Gurney
Johnny Haines
Stephen Hardy
Ryan Harrington
John Henderson
Nigel Heydon
Jack Hill
Sam Hill
Steve Hine
Dave Honey
Richie Howson
James Hubbard
Peter Hudson
Adam Hunt
Atif Hussain
Mark Hylton
Ewan Hyslop
Campbell Jackson
Andy Jenkins
Prakash Jiwa
Andrew Johnson
Darren Johnson
Mark Jones
David Ladley
Mark Lawrence
Jamie Lewis
Kenny MacNeil
Michael Mansell
Kevin McDine
Stephen McNally
Lee Moffat
Joe Murnan
William O'Connor
Joey Palfreyman
Lee Palfreyman
David Pallett
Jake Patchett
Josh Payne
Steven Pearson
Steve Randall
James Richardson
Jamie Robinson
Reece Robinson
Keith Rooney
Paul Rowley
Alex Roy
John Scott
Dennis Smith
Michael Smith
Ross Smith
Keith J Stephen
Kentaro Suzuki
Alan Tabern
Terry Temple
Jim Walker
Brandon Walsh
Darren Webster
Steve West
Tony West
Geoff Whitworth
Dean Winstanley
Brian Woods

Home Nation Qualifiers (Qualifier already staged)

Dylan Duo
Dyson Parody
Manuel Vilerio
George Federico