Monday, 6 May 2013

An Interview with 'Team Page' Tiny Tash Army

This is an interview with the Twitter Team page Tiny Tash Army.

Team pages on Twitter are becoming a big thing at the moment, so i thought we would get to know a little bit more about them. The Tiny Tash Army is Terry 'the Bull' Jenkins team page.

1. How did this 'Team' Page start?

I started the page about 2 years ago. It was just a bit of fun to start with.

2. Where did the name come from?

Haha. Well i had been on twitter on my personal page for a few years and had come across the #DartsFamily. Basically they are all the darts fans who send most nights when the darts is on talking about the sport. The name came from another huge Terry Jenkins fan. At the time Terry still had his tash and was doing well on TV, some of the other players had team pages so i contacted Terry and asked him if he would mind me doing it. Its always good to ask permission i think, that way you know you have the backing of the player. Anyway he said yes and it started from there.

3. What does a 'Team' Page do?

On mine i try and advertise all of Terry's exhibitions that he does, and there are a lot. Update the page with scores when he is playing in qualifying events, and just cheer him on when hes on TV. Its nearly a full time job! but i do it for fun.

4. Do you go to any of Terry's Exhibitions?

I try to go to has many has i can, But he is all over the country doing them so i tend to pick ones that are close to where i live. Its a family affair too. I have a 4 year old that loves him to bits and enjoys watching him on stage. Everything that is darts in her bedroom is signed by Terry haha

5. I take it you have met him then?

Yeah of course! He is a fantastic bloke. He always takes time out to say hello and come and have a chat. I went to his house a few weeks back to practise with him for the afternoon. It was like he was my best mate, we talked about everything darts, what his plans were and things in general. He thrashed me at the arrers but i didn't care i just loved being there. His manager Alan is brilliant too, When they are both together you cant get a word in edge-ways.

6. Are you any good at darts then?

I suppose you could say I'm 'ok' Ive hit a few 180's and love playing, but I'm more of a hobby player, if that's what you call it.

7. What would your Walk-on tune be?

Ive thought about this for a while, and it would have to be 'Surfin Bird' by the Trashmen. Its a completely bonkers tune that everyone knows and it sums me up!

8. Who else do you like to support?

Apart from Terry, i have a couple of other favourites. I love to watch Tony O'Shea and Stephen Bunting from the BDO, and on the PDC side its would have to be Andy Smith and Steve Beaton. Oh, also a young gun called Ricky Evans he is one for the future!

9. Team Pages got a bit of a bad name for themselves a few months back, What are your thoughts?

Well, we went thorough a bit of a rough patch yeah. You get people that start 'team' Pages just to cause trouble, which isn't on! Some of us do this to support our player and not abuse others. Some players have a few team pages which i don't really see the point of, but that's down to the player or there management to sort out. Its calmed down a bit now, with most of the teams updating the pages with scores from tournament etc which is good to see.

10. Any perks?

To doing the Page? I'm not one for asking the players for shirts or anything like that. I have a few signed photos and a couple of other bits that he has signed for me, If Terry wanted to give me something then that would be up to him and it would be gratefully received. But no, no perks i do it for the love of Terry and the sport!

11. Have you met any of the other #DartsFamily?

I have yeah. Ive become good friends with Rob who does Paul Nicholsons team page, we try and get to the darts when we can, and have a laugh when we do. Ive also met a few others at exhibitions and tournaments, its all good fun and we tend to get on great.

12. Tell me something we don't know about you?

Ha! Well I've just got married to the person that does the Pieman Andy Smith's team page. We have been together nearly 8 years, and in case your wondering.... the person is a she.

13. Do you have a favourite Tournament?

I have a couple to be honest. I Love the Grand Slam of Darts, its always good seeing the PDC/BDO mixing it up together. I also like the UK Open in Bolton, we went last year and loved it. The crowd was full of proper darts fans and got some good seats.

14. Are you PDC or BDO?

The BDO is where most players started and i enjoy watching them. On the other side the PDC has more Televised Tournaments. But darts is darts after all, its the sport i love not the organisations.

A big thank you to the Tiny Tash Army for doing the interview. If you would like to follow him on Twitter he is @TinyTashArmy

This interview was done on Monday the 6th of May 2013 by Richard