Friday, 24 May 2013

PDC Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters- Day 1


James Wade (3) 10-8 Simon Whitlock
Adrian Lewis (2) 6-10 Raymond van Barneveld
Michael van Gerwen (4) 10-7 Wes Newton
Phil Taylor (1) 8-10 Andy Hamilton

James Wade v Simon Whitlock

0-0 - Simon Whitlock won the bull and will throw first.
1-0 - Wade secures an immediate break of throw, hitting two 140s and tops to finish 56.
1-1 - Wade is unable to finish 121, and Whitlock - who had earlier hit a 180 - lands double ten to break back.
1-2 - Wade wires double top for a 106 checkout, and Whitlock finds double four with his third dart to move ahead for the first time.
2-2 - Wade pins double top to square the game.
2-3 - Whitlock posts double four to edge himself back ahead at the break.
2-4 - The Australian opens with 180 and takes out 82 with a treble 14, double top combination.
2-5 - Whitlock posts tops to move three legs clear.
3-5 - Wade misses tops, but when Whitlock cannot hit the bullseye to complete an 88 combination, the left-hander posts double ten to hit back.
4-5 - Wade hits double top to pull back to just one leg behind.
5-5 - Whitlock misses double 16, and Wade pounces by again landing double top to level.
5-6 - Wade misses the bull to finish 161, and Whitlock hits tops for a 13-darter.
6-6 - Wade lands back-to-back 180s to be first to a finish, before completing a 14-darter on double ten.
6-7 - Whitlock wins the 13th leg to edge back ahead.
7-7 - Wade misses three darts at double 16, but is allowed back to hit the bed after Whitlock is unable to finish tops for a 114 finish.
7-8 - Whitlock finishes double top to regain the advantage.
8-8 - Wade brilliantly levels with a superb 149 checkout.
9-8 - Whitlock misses a dart at tops for a 101 finish, and Wade finishes 100 in two darts to break and move to the brink of victory.
10-8 - Whitlock hits a 180, but misses three darts to keep the game alive before Wade steps in to claim victory with double five.

Adrian Lewis v Raymond van Barneveld

0-0 - Raymond van Barneveld won the bull and will throw first.
0-1 - van Barneveld takes out 116 to win the opening leg, finishing the combination on double 18.
1-1 - Lewis hits back-to-back 180s and posts double 19 with his third dart to win the leg.
1-2 - van Barneveld misses tops to take out 78, but when Lewis is unable to finish with three darts at double 18 the Dutchman returns to avoid a break of throw on double five.
1-3 - van Barneveld secures the game's first break of throw by finishing 120.
1-4 - van Barneveld lands his first 180 of the game, and when Lewis misses the bull for a 121 finish and two further darts at double eight, the Dutchman posts double eight to take a three-leg lead.
2-4 - Lewis misses two darts at double 12, but van Barneveld is unable to land double 18 for another 116 checkout, and Lewis pins double six to hit back.
3-4 - Lewis hits a 180, and when van Barneveld misses a host of darts at doubles around the board, the Stoke ace steals the leg on tops.
3-5 - van Barneveld posts a 180, and when Lewis misses double six for a 126 checkout, the Dutch ace lands his second 116 finish of the game.
3-6 - Lewis lands another maximum, but van Barneveld takes out 80 on tops to halt the comeback.
3-7 - van Barneveld moves four legs clear for the first time, initially wiring double 12 twice only for Lewis to miss a brace of darts at tops to allow him back to finish 24 at the second time of asking.
3-8 - van Barneveld posts a 180 and finishes double 16 to extend his cushion to five legs.
4-8 - van Barneveld misses his chance to move a leg away from the win, and Lewis hits back.
5-8 - Lewis takes out 72 on tops to win another leg.
5-9 - van Barneveld takes out double five to move a leg away from the win.
6-9 - van Barneveld misses a match dart at double eight, and Lewis hits double ten to stay in the game.
6-10 - van Barneveld seals victory with a 121 finish on double 14, his fourth ton-plus finish of the game.

Michael van Gerwen v Wes Newton

0-0 - Wes Newton wins the bull and will throw first.
0-1 - Newton makes a fine start, landing a 180 and finishing 61 on double 18 for a 14-darter.
0-2 - The Fleetwood ace breaks throw on tops to continue his superb start.
0-3 - Newton lands two 180s, and has enough breathing space to miss four doubles before eventually landing double eight.
1-3 - van Gerwen finishes 70 on double four to get off the mark.
1-4 - Newton misses tops to take out 76, but when van Gerwen misses the bull for a 93 finish, the Fleetwood thrower returns to finish tops and move three legs clear again.
1-5 - Newton initially misses tops for a 103 checkout, but van Gerwen misses double top and ten to allow the two-time major finalist back in on double top.
2-5 - van Gerwen posts his first 180, and when Newton misses tops to finish 116 the Dutch ace pins double 12 to hit back.
3-5 - The Dutch ace wins back-to-back legs as he reduces the gap to two legs.
4-5 - van Gerwen misses double 16 to finish 134, with Newton hitting a 180 to leave 20 only to see his opponent return to land double 16.
5-5 - van Gerwen initially misses two darts at tops, but returns to finish double six to level the match.
5-6 - Double 18 edges Newton back ahead.
6-6 - van Gerwen lands tops to hit back once more.
7-6 - Newton Misses tops to finish 110, and van Gerwen takes out 54 - hitting double 14 then double 13 - to lead for the first time.
8-6 - van Gerwen finishes a party piece 92, hitting single 20 and two double 18s to move two legs clear.
8-7 - Newton hits back, hitting his sixth 180 of the game before winning the leg with a fine 120 checkout.
9-7 - The pair trade maximums before van Gerwen takes out 74 on double 16 to move a leg away from the win.
10-7 - van Gerwen opens with 180 and 174, and although he is unable to complete a nine-darter, he finishes double 18 for a 13-darter to complete his comeback and seal a brilliant win.

Phil Taylor v Andy Hamilton

0-0 - Phil Taylor wins the bull and will throw first.
1-0 - Taylor hits double top to avert a possible break of throw in the opening leg.
1-1 - The pair trade 180s before Hamilton levels with double ten.
2-1 - Taylor lands tops to win his second leg of the game.
3-1 - Hamilton opens with a 180, but misses tops to take out 80 as Taylor breaks throw by hitting the same double.
4-1 - Hamilton hits a third maximum, but Taylor finishes 68 on double 16 to move three legs clear.
4-2 - Hamilton lands tops to win his first leg in four.
4-3 - Hamilton then lands a 180 and finishes double ten to break throw.
4-4 - Double four sees the former World Championship finalist level the game.
4-5 - Hamilton takes out 80 on double ten to move ahead for the first time.
4-6 - Hamilton's charge continues as he wins a fifth straight leg, brilliantly taking out 129 on the bull, with Taylor waiting on 66.
5-6 - Taylor lands tops to win his first leg in six.
6-6 - Hamilton misses the bull and two darts at double eight, and Taylor lands double ten to level the game.
7-6 - Taylor posts a 180 before finishing tops for a 13-darter to move back ahead.
7-7 - Taylor misses tops for a 120 finish, and Hamilton lands double five to level again.
7-8 - Hamilton regains the lead with a 12-darter to break throw, finishing 87 on double 18.
7-9 - Hamilton opens with a 180, and finishes double 19 for a 13-darter to move a leg away from a famous win.
8-9 - Taylor keeps his hopes alive with a 14-darter, as double 16 keeps the pressure on Hamilton.
8-10 - Hamilton hits tops for a 14-dart leg to complete a famous victory.

Semi-Final Draw Bracket

James Wade v Raymond van Barneveld
Michael van Gerwen v Andy Hamilton