Monday, 19 May 2014

PDC Youth Tour- 7 and 8

DIMITRI VAN DEN BERGH and James Hubbard shared the spoils in Saturday’s double-header of PDC Unicorn Youth Tour events held at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.
Belgium’s Van Den Bergh started his run to the final by dropping just four legs in wins over Charlie Burns, John Bryan and Daniel Lidgett before a 4-2 win over Dan Dean sealed a place in the quarter-finals.

There, the 19-year-old defeated the in-form Keegan Brown in a deciding leg before breezing past Josh Payne with a 4-0 triumph to win their semi-final encounter.

Van Den Bergh, who had already won two titles on the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour, managed to claim a third with a deciding leg victory over Adam Hunt in the final as he claimed the £1,000 winner’s prize.

Hunt, three times a winner on the PDC's Youth Tour, produced his best performance since September with a strong run to the final, but his hopes of claiming a fourth victory were extinguished by Van Den Bergh after a 4-3 loss.

Kent's emerging star Payne, twice a finalist in Youth Tour events in 2014, produced a good run to the last four before being halted in his tracks by a whitewash defeat to Van Den Bergh.

Ben Songhurst reached the semi-finals for the first time in nearly two years and was a leg away from claiming a place in the final before narrowly losing the deciding leg of his last four game against Hunt.

Isle of Wight ace Brown, who reached the final of a Players Championship event two weeks ago, warmed up for his big appearance at The 02 next Thursday – where he will compete in the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship final – with a run to the quarter-finals on Saturday.

Matthew Dicken and Liam Cooper also enjoyed solid runs to the last eight stage, while Leicestershire’s James Young produced his best-ever result by reaching the quarter-finals after two years competing on the Youth Tour.

The second event on Saturday saw 2012 PDC Unicorn World Youth Champion James Hubbard claim the £1,000 first prize following a strong display.

The Norfolk ace started his run to the title with a 4-2 win over Austria’s Fredi Gsellmann before defeating Cain Unwin by the same scoreline.

The 21-year-old then eased through the last 32 stage with a whitewash win over Krit Middleton before overcoming Jeffrey De Zwaan in a deciding leg to reach the quarter-finals.

Hubbard comfortably defeated emerging talent Aden Kirk with a 4-0 win before sealing a place in a second final of 2014 with a 4-1 triumph over Rhys Hayden, and he defeated Reece Robinson 4-2 to taste victory at this level for the first time in almost two years.

Robinson continued his good run of form as he reached the final, backing up a semi-final and three quarter-final appearances at Youth and Challenge Tour levels over the last couple of months.

The talented youngster from Hull, who last won a Youth Tour title back in 2011, defeated Payne in a deciding leg to reach the final before finding Hubbard too strong.

Essex’s Hayden enjoyed his best result at Youth Tour level with an excellent run to the semi-finals, which included a last 16 victory over Hunt, whose hopes of reaching a a second final of the day were ended.

Payne won through to the semi-finals for the second time in Saturday’s double-header, but once again fell at the last four hurdle after a narrow 4-3 loss to Robinson, having to settle for £500 for his efforts across the day.

UK Open giant-killer Kirk produced a solid performance by reaching the quarter-finals, while Swindon’s Jack Tweddell reached the last eight of a Youth Tour event for a second time in a month.

Ireland’s Steve Lennon recorded his best result at this level by reaching the last eight, while Leicestershire’s James Thompson made the quarter-finals on the PDC Unicorn Youth Tour for the third time.

 PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event Seven
Saturday May 17, Ricoh Arena, Coventry
First Round

Ted Evetts 4-2 Brandonn Monk
Kevin Voornhout 4-1 Tommy Lishman
Sam Hewson 4-0 Ryan Maher
Adam Hunt 4-0 Liam Fairclough
Thomas Flint v Bye
Robyn Byrne 4-0 Jamie Branton
Jeffrey De Zwaan Bye
Connor Scutt 4-2 Connor Roach
Krit Middleton Bye
Bradley Coltman 4-3 Lewis Venes
Arron Fairweather Bye
Sean Johnson 4-2 Jake Jones
Jack Holmes Bye
Matthew Dicken 4-1 Luke Cheevers
Mike Zuydwijk Bye
Sam Hill 4-2 Brandon Walsh
Dan Green 4-1 Craig Simpson
Harry West 4-2 Jack Faragher
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-2 Lee Whitworth
Ryan De Vreede 4-2 Aden Kirk
Ryan Bloomfield Bye
James Thompson 4-0 Nathan Cross
Ben Songhurst Bye
John de Kruijf 4-0 Adam Crawford
James Smith Bye
James Young 4-1 Cameron Hinchcliffe
Tony Field Bye
Joshua Richardson 4-2 Liam Gallagher
Nicholas Day Bye
Jamie Britten 4-2 Sean McArdle
Aaron Holdstock Bye
Reece Robinson 4-0 Dan Read
John Bryan 4-2 Tommy Wilson
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-2 Charlie Burns
Kierion Williams 4-2 Blaine Jelly
Daniel Lidgett 4-1 Andrew Ryan
Charlie Symons Bye
Ryan Jones 4-0 Jack Petcher
Dan Dean Bye
Fredi Gsellmann 4-2 Ben Cheeseman
Chris Gower Bye
Shaun Michael Lovett 4-2 Kacey Jones
Nicholas Hastings Bye
Rhyys Hayden 4-1 Tom Lonsdale
Cain Unwin Bye
Keegan Brown 4-0 Adam Smith-Neale
James Hubbard Bye
Kurt Parry 4-0 George Killington
Samuel Fuller 4-1 Jamie Cassidy
Jack Tweddell 4-0 Lewis Hackett
Steve Lennon 4-1 Ryan Newton
Liam Cooper 4-0 Liam Johnson
James Wilkinson Bye
Paul Mitchell 4-1 Alex Lee
Dean Finn Bye
Danny Roberts 4-0 Kieran Watson
Lee Budgen Bye
George Gardner 4-0 Matthew Dargue
Jake Patchett Bye
Kieran Bridgwater 4-2 John Esam
Joe Singleton Bye
Josh Payne 4-2 Harry Ward
Callum Loose Bye
Jordan Patterson 4-2 Kurtis Atkins

Second Round
Kevin Voornhout 4-2 Ted Evetts
Adam Hunt 4-3 Sam Hewson
Robyn Byrne 4-1 Thomas Flint
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-1 Connor Scutt
Krit Middleton 4-3 Bradley Coltman
Arron Fairweather 4-3 Sean Johnson
Matthew Dicken 4-0 Jack Holmes
Mike Zuydwijk 4-2 Sam Hill
Dan Green 4-0 Harry West
Ryan De Vreede 4-1 Dirk van Duijvenbode
James Thompson 4-1 Ryan Bloomfield
Ben Songhurst 4-1 John de Kruijf
James Young 4-1 James Smith
Joshua Richardson 4-1 Tony Field
Nicholas Day 4-1 Jamie Britten
Reece Robinson 4-0 Aaron Holdstock
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-0 John Bryan
Daniel Lidgett 4-0 Kierion Williams
Ryan Jones 4-0 Charlie Symons
Dan Dean 4-3 Fredi Gsellmann
Shaun Michael Lovett 4-2 Chris Gower
Rhys Hayden 4-0 Nicholas Hastings
Keegan Brown 4-1 Cain Unwin
James Hubbard 4-1 Kurt Parry
Samuel Fuller 4-3 Jack Tweddell
Liam Copper 4-2 Steve Lennon
James Wilkinson 4-0 Paul Mitchell
Danny Roberts 4-3 Dean Finn
Paul Gardner 4-3 Lee Budgen
Kieran Bridgwater 4-2 Jake Patchett
Josh Payne 4-0 Joe Singleton
Jordan Patterson 4-2 Callum Loose
Losers £25

Third Round
Adam Hunt 4-3 Kevin Voornhout
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-1 Robyn Byrne
Krit Middleton 4-3 Arron Fairweather
Matthew Dicken 4-3 Mike Zuydwijk
Ryan De Vreede 4-3 Dan Green
Ben Sonhurst 4-2 James Thompson
James Young 4-2 Joshua Richardson
Reece Robinson 4-0 Nicholas Day
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-2 Daniel Lidgett
Dan Dean 4-2 Ryan Jones
Rhys Hayden 4-0 Shaun Michael Lovett
Keegan Brown 4-2 James Hubbard
Liam Cooper 4-3 Samuel Fuller
Danny Roberts 4-3 James Wilkinson
George Gardner 4-1 Kieran Bridgwater
Josh Payne 4-0 Jordan Patterson
Losers £50

Fourth Round
Adam Hunt 4-2 Jeffrey De Zwaan
Matthew Dicken 4-3 Krit Middleton
Ben Songhurst 4-3 Ryan De Vreede
James Young 4-1 Reece Robinson
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-2 Dan Dean
Keegan Brown 4-1 Rhys Hayden
Liam Cooper 4-0 Danny Roberts
Josh Payne 4-0 George Gardner
Losers £100

Adam Hunt 4-2 Matthew Dicken
Ben Songhurst 4-2 James Young
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-3 Keegan Brown
Josh Payne 4-0 Liam Cooper
Losers £150

Adam Hunt 4-3 Ben Songhurst
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-0 Josh Payne
Losers £250

Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-3 Adam Hunt
Winner £1,000
Runner-Up £500

PDC Unicorn Youth Tour Event Eight
Saturday May 17, Ricoh Arena, Coventry
First Round

Aaron Holdstock 4-1 Liam Cooper
Kurt Parry 4-3 Jack Holmes
Matthew Dicken 4-2 Alex Lee
Jack Tweddell 4-1 Ryan Newton
Lee Whitworth 4-2 Craig Simpson
Keegan Brown 4-1 Charlie Symons
Sean McArdle Bye
Tom Lonsdale 4-2 Dimitri Van Den Bergh
Harry Ward Bye
Daniel Lidgett 4-0 Tommy Wilson
Lee Budgen Bye
Kacey Jones 6-2 Kieran Watson
Tommy Lishmann Bye
Adam Hunt 4-1 Kurt Atkins
Rhys Hayden Bye
Lewis Hackett 4-3 Chris Gower
Danny Roberts 4-2 Nathan Cross
George Gardner 4-0 Jamie Branton
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-0 Andrew Ryan
Arron Fairweather 4-1 Sean Johnson
Cain Unwin 4-2 Nicholas Hastings
James Hubbard 4-2 Fredi Gsellmann
Charlie Burns Bye
Krit Middleton 4-3 Joe Singleton
Kieran Bridgwater Bye
Liam Johnson 4-1 Connor Scutt
Jake Patchett Bye
Aden Kirk 4-0 Liam Gallagher
Matthew Dargue Bye
Ryan De Vreede 4-2 Sam Hill
John Esam Bye
John De Kruijf 4-1 Adam Smith-Neale
Tony Field 4-0 Bradley Coltman
Thomas Flint 4-3 John Bryan
Reece Robinson 4-0 Liam Fairclough
Ryan Bloomfield 4-0 Paul Mitchell
Nicholas Day Bye
Jack Faragher 4-0 Harry West
Cameron Hinchcliffe Bye
Robyn Byrne 4-3 Shaun Michael Lovett
Ben Songhurst Bye
Ryan Maher 4-3 Dan Dean
Stuart McCann Bye
Dean Finn 4-1 George Killington
James Thompson Bye
Lewis Venes 4-1 Adam Crawford
James Young Bye
Kevin Voornhout 4-0 Dominic Buckley
Ted Evetts 4-3 Dan Green
Sam Hewson 4-2 Mike Zuydwijk
Joshua Richardson 4-2 Callum Loose
Luke Cheevers 4-0 Brandonn Monk
Jack Petcher Bye
James Smith 4-0 Blaine Jelly
Josh Payne Bye
Dirk van Duijvenbode 4-3 Jordan Patterson
James Wilkinson Bye
Jamie Britten 4-3 Jamie Cassidy
Jake Jones Bye
Ben Cheeseman 4-2 Kierion Williams
Steve Lennon Bye
Samuel Fuller 4-3 Dan Read
Ryan Jones Bye
Connor Roach 4-3 Brandon Walsh

Second Round
Aaron Holdstock 4-1 Kurt Parry
Jack Tweddell 4-1 Matthew Dicken
Keegan Brown 4-1 Lee Whitworth
Sean McArdle 4-3 Tom Lonsdale
Harry Ward 4-1 Daniel Lidgett
Kacey Jones 4-0 Lee Budgen
Adam Hunt 4-1 Tommy Lishman
Rhys Hayden 4-0 Lewis Hackett
George Gardner 4-3 Danny Roberts
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-0 Arron Fairweather
James Hubbard 4-2 Cain Unwin
Krit Middleton 4-2 Charlie Burns
Liam Johnson 4-3 Kieran Bridgwater
Aden Kirk 4-2 Jake Patchett
Ryan De Vreede 4-0 Matthew Dargue
John De Kruijf 4-1 John Esam
Thomas Flint 4-0 Tony Field
Reece Robinson 4-1 Ryan Bloomfield
Jack Faragher 4-2 Nicholas Day
Cameron Hinchcliffe 4-0 Robyn Byrne
Ben Songhurst 4-2 Ryan Maher
Dean Finn 4-0 Stuart McCann
James Thompson 4-0 Lewis Venes
James Young 4-2 Kevin Voornhout
Sam Hewson 4-2 Ted Evetts
Joshua Richardson 4-3 Luke Cheevers
James Smith 4-2 Jack Petcher
Josh Payne 4-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode
James Wilkinson 4-3 Jamie Britten
Jake Jones 4-2 Ben Cheeseman
Steve Lennon 4-1 Samuel Fuller
Ryan Jones 4-3 Connor Roach
Losers £25

Third Round
Jack Tweddell 4-2 Aaron Holdstock
Keegan Brown 4-3 Sean McArdle
Kacey Jones 4-1 Harry Ward
Rhys Hayden 4-2 Adam Hunt
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-0 George Gardner
James Hubbard 4-0 Krit Middleton
Aden Kirk 4-1 Liam Johnson
Ryan De Vreede 4-3 John De Kruijf
Reece Robinson 4-2 Thomas Flint
Cameron Hinchcliffe 4-3 Jack Faragher
Dean Finn 4-0 Ben Songhurst
James Thompson 4-3 James Young
Sam Hewson 4-2 Joshua Richardson
Josh Payne 4-2 James Smith
Jake Jones 4-0 James Wilkinson
Steve Lennon 4-1 Ryan Jones
Losers £50

Fourth Round
Jack Tweddell 4-2 Keegan Brown
Rhys Hayden 4-0 Kacey Jones
James Hubbard 4-3 Jeffrey De Zwaan
Aden Kirk 4-1 Ryan De Vreede
Reece Robinson 4-3 Cameron Hinchcliffe
James Thompson 4-1 Dean Finn
Josh Payne 4-3 Sam Hewson
Steve Lennon 4-2 Jake Jones
Losers £100

Rhys Hayden 4-1 Jack Tweddell
James Hubbard 4-0 Aden Kirk
Reece Robinson 4-0 James Thompson
Josh Payne 4-1 Steve Lennon
Losers £150

James Hubbard 4-1 Rhys Hayden
Reece Robinson 4-3 Josh Payne
Losers £250

James Hubbard 4-2 Reece Robinson
Winner £1,000
Runner-Up £500