Sunday, 24 November 2013

PDC Players Championship- 15

DAVE CHISNALL claimed his third victory of 2013 after defeating Robert Thornton 6-3 in Saturday’s Players Championship at the Barnsley Metrodome.
The St Helens ace began with wins over Martyn Turner and John Bowles before coming from 5-4 down to edge out in Vincent van der Voort in their last 32 clash.

Chisnall defeated Brandon Walsh before overcoming St Helens rival Michael Smith 6-3 to reach the semi-finals where he defied a 111 average to beat Peter Wright 6-4, winning six of the last seven legs.

The world number seven fell 2-1 down to Robert Thornton in the early stages of the decider before putting together a run of three straight legs to hold a two-leg advantage.

Chisnall took a 100 finish for a 5-2 lead before Thornton landed double to keep the game alive but St Helens star ended it by landing double 18 to take away the winners prize of £10,000.

Robert Thornton who enjoyed a fine run to the final of the Grand Slam of Darts in Wolverhampton, continued that good form with a run to the final in Barnsley.

He reached the last 32 with comfortable wins over Denis Ovens and Ryan De Vreede before edging out rising star Ross Smith by a 6-4 margin.

The Scotsman claimed a narrow 6-5 win over Andy Smith in their last 16 encounter before recording a brace of 6-3 wins over Justin Pipe and Mark Dudbridge.

That secured his place in the final but after a bright start to lead 2-1 he eventually lost 6-3 to Chisnall, having to settle for the £5,000 runners-up prize.

World number 16 Peter Wright enjoyed another excellent Pro Tour run on Saturday with a semi-final appearance at the Barnsley Metrodome.

The Scotsman hit a 112.14 average against Darren Webster in his quarter-final win and continued that form in the early stages of his last four clash against Chisnall were he went 3-0 up with a 119 average before his opponent roared back to deny Wright a place in the final.

Mark Dudbridge, who reached the World Championship Final in 2005, reached the semi-finals of a Pro Tour event for the second time in six weeks.

The Bristolian edged out Simon Whitlock with a brilliant 6-5 win before coming on top in another deciding leg battle against James Richardson to reach the last 32.

There he defeated former World Champion Richie Burnett 6-1 before overcoming another World Champion in the shape of Steve Beaton to reach the last eight.

Dudbridge continued his fine display as he beat Kevin Painter 6-3 with the aid of a 136 checkout, before running out of steam against Thornton in the last four.

Kevin Painter and Justin Pipe took away £1,500 in prize money by reaching the quarter-finals along with the impressive Darren Webster, who forced his way into the top 32 qualifiers for the Players Championship Finals, as a result.

Michael Smith also reached the last eight on Saturday which cemented him in 32nd place in the PDC Order of Merit - £1,950 ahead of Colin Osborne.

Manchester’s Peter Hudson enjoyed a fine run to the last 16 while 20-year-old Brandon Walsh, produced his best performance on the Pro Tour to date, by reaching the same stage.

Prominent first round casualties included three major champions in the shape of Simon Whitlock, Gary Anderson and Paul Nicholson while major finalists Wes Newton and Colin Osborne were also defeated – leaving the Derby man’s hopes of World Championship qualification hanging by a thread.

The former UK Open finalist lies outside the automatic top 16 qualification places in the Pro Tour Order of Merit - £450 behind Mark Dudbridge and John Bowles who currently tied for 16th place.

Sunday sees a second Players Championship event take place at the Barnsley Metrodome, which is the final cut-off for places in the Cash Converters Players Championship Finals.

Sunday’s Players Championship will also decide who qualifies for the World Darts Championship from the PDC Order of Merit and the Pro Tour Order of Merit.

The final two places in the 72 player field in London will come from the PDPA Qualifier taking place on Monday, which will again be staged at the Barnsley Metrodome.

Players Championship 15
Saturday November 23, Barnsley Metrodome
First Round

Michael van Gerwen (1) Bye
Jani Haavisto 6-2 Ian Walters
Ronny Huybrechts (32) 6-1 Alan Derrett
John Henderson 6-1 Paddy Meaney
Kevin Painter (16) 6-1 Dennis Priestley
Dean Winstanley 6-2 Steve Brown
Stuart Kellett (17) 6-1 Dylan Duo
Alex Roy 6-3 Darren Johnson
Steve Beaton (8) 6-1 Pete Dyos
Dan Russell 6-4 Steve Farmer
Josh Payne 6-1 Jelle Klaasen (25)
James Hubbard 6-5 Matthew Edgar
Mark Dudbridge 6-5 Simon Whitlock (9)
James Richardson Bye Jarkko Komula
Richie Burnett (24) 6-5 Jeff Smith
Michael Barnard 6-5 Scott Rand
Robert Thornton (5) 6-2 Denis Ovens
Ryan De Vreede 6-4 Terry Temple
Ross Smith 6-1 Jamie Lewis (28)
Daryl Gurney 6-2 Tomas Seyler
Ian White (12) 6-4 Antonio Alcinas
Mark Jones 6-3 Mark Cox
Andy Smith (21) 6-3 Roland Scholten
Mark Walsh 6-1 Steve Grubb
Kim Huybrechts (4) 6-4 Tony West
Michael Mansell 6-3 Ricky Sudale
Terry Jenkins (29) 6-3 Joe Murnan
Marc Dewsbury 6-4 Colin Fowler
Adrian Lewis (13) 6-2 Gaz Cousins
Alan Tabern 6-2 David Copley
Justin Pipe (20) 6-1 Nigel Heydon
Andy Pearce 6-4 Jerry Hendriks
Dave Chisnall (2) 6-3 Martyn Turner
John Bowles 6-4 Matt Clark
Mark Webster (31) 6-2 Adam Hunt
Vincent van der Voort 6-4 Campbell Jackson
Connie Finnan 6-5 Paul Nicholson (15)
Kevin Dowling 6-5 Johnny Haines
Andy Hamilton (18) 6-2 Stephen Hardy
Brandon Walsh 6-4 Bernd Roith
Brendan Dolan (7) 6-1 John Scott
Andy Jenkins 6-3 Ryan Harrington
Michael Smith (26) 6-2 Darren Whittingham
Mick Todd 6-1 Peter Evison
William O'Connor 6-3 Wes Newton (10)
Peter Hudson 6-3 Colin Osborne
Joe Cullen 6-3 Wayne Jones (23)
Nick Fullwell 6-4 Matthew Dicken
Jamie Caven (6) 6-3 Shaun Griffiths
Andrew Gilding 6-1 Sean Ryan
Darren Webster (27) 6-3 Magnus Caris
Daniel Day 6-5 Max Hopp
Mervyn King (11) 6-2 Chris Aubrey
Ricky Evans 6-0 Jim Walker
Colin Lloyd (22) 6-2 Adrian Gray
Kirk Shepherd 6-2 Kevin McDine
Peter Wright (3) 6-1 Steve Hine
Keith Rooney 6-3 Reece Robinson
Arron Monk (30) 6-5 Prakash Jiwa
Steve West 6-1 Par Riihonen
Dennis Smith 6-5 Gary Anderson (14)
Mark Frost 6-5 Paul Amos
Ronnie Baxter (19) 6-5 Keith J Stephen
Mark Hylton 6-5 Jyhan Artut

Second Round
Michael van Gerwen 6-0 Jani Haavisto
Ronny Huybrechts 6-5 John Henderson
Kevin Painter 6-5 Dean Winstanley
Alex Roy 6-4 Stuart Kellett
Steve Beaton 6-4 Dan Russell
Josh Payne 6-2 James Hubbard
Mark Dudbridge 6-5 James Richardson
Richie Burnett 6-1 Michael Barnard
Robert Thornton 6-1 Ryan De Vreede
Ross Smith 6-3 Daryl Gurney
Ian White 6-2 Mark Jones
Andy Smith 6-5 Mark Walsh
Michael Mansell 6-4 Kim Huybrechts
Terry Jenkins 6-2 Marc Dewsbury
Alan Tabern Bye Adrian Lewis - Lewis forced to withdraw due to personal reasons
Justin Pipe 6-3 Andy Pearce
Dave Chisnall 6-2 John Bowles
Vincent van der Voort 6-4 Mark Webster
Connie Finnan 6-0 Kevin Dowling
Brandon Walsh 6-4 Andy Hamilton
Andy Jenkins 6-3 Brendan Dolan
Michael Smith 6-5 Mick Todd
Peter Hudson 6-5 William O'Connor
Nick Fullwell 6-5 Joe Cullen
Jamie Caven 6-2 Andrew Gilding
Darren Webster 6-2 Daniel Day
Mervyn King 6-4 Ricky Evans
Kirk Shepherd 6-3 Colin Lloyd
Peter Wright 6-1 Keith Rooney
Steve West 6-2 Arron Monk
Dennis Smith 6-3 Mark Frost
Ronnie Baxter 6-3 Mark Hylton
Losers £250

Third Round
Ronny Huybrechts 6-5 Michael van Gerwen
Kevin Painter 6-2 Alex Roy
Steve Beaton 6-5 Josh Payne
Mark Dudbridge 6-1 Richie Burnett
Robert Thornton 6-4 Ross Smith
Andy Smith 6-4 Ian White
Terry Jenkins 6-5 Michael Mansell
Justin Pipe 6-1 Alan Tabern
Dave Chisnall 6-5 Vincent van der Voort
Brandon Walsh 6-5 Connie Finnan
Michael Smith 6-2 Andy Jenkins
Peter Hudson 6-2 Nick Fullwell
Darren Webster 6-3 Jamie Caven
Mervyn King 6-3 Kirk Shepherd
Peter Wright 6-4 Steve West
Ronnie Baxter 6-4 Dennis Smith
Losers £500

Fourth Round
Kevin Painter 6-4 Ronny Huybrechts
Mark Dudbridge 6-4 Steve Beaton
Robert Thornton 6-5 Andy Smith
Justin Pipe 6-3 Terry Jenkins
Dave Chisnall 6-3 Brandon Walsh
Michael Smith 6-3 Peter Hudson
Darren Webster 6-4 Mervyn King
Peter Wright 6-4 Ronnie Baxter
Losers £1,000

Mark Dudbridge 6-3 Kevin Painter
Robert Thornton 6-3 Justin Pipe
Dave Chisnall 6-2 Michael Smith
Peter Wright 6-1 Darren Webster
Losers £1,500

Robert Thornton 6-3 Mark Dudbridge
Dave Chisnall 6-4 Peter Wright
Losers £2,500

Dave Chisnall 6-3 Robert Thornton
Winner £10,000
Runner-Up £5,000